Common Sense is Never Conservative in Canada. Con party common sense = keep us poor, sick, stupid and control women and girls.


I bolded my answers below. I copied the poll here, and answered it here on my website because I don’t trust Pierre Picklehead or his website, and I especially do not trust his string handler, Steve Harper, and I do not want their divisive hideously harmful Klan to give my private information to their dark money funders/controllers or anyone else.

Do you support Pierre Poilievre for prime minister?

*Yes No

Will you vote Conservative in the next election?

*Yes No

Do you support axing the carbon tax to restore affordable gas, groceries, and home heating?

*Yes NoI am on a paltry CPP/OAS income, and make more money with Trudeau’s carbon tax than without it. Only the rich like Skippy will save money if the carbon tax is axed; the poor and average income Canadians will not. Skippy is lying to us with his “axe the tax” crap and feeding greed and rage (con citizens into thinking they are being robbed) to win votes. Even if I would not make more money with the carbon tax, I support it. Humans are destroying earth’s livability, fast. We must start reducing our pollution, fast and it seems most humans, notably well off humans and the rich, only give a damn about money.

Do you support cutting red tape, building more homes, and restoring the dream of home ownership?

*Yes NoThere is no red tape to cut. If you want to build your own home, or buy a home, do not get into debt. Avoid debt, no matter what. Spend less than you earn and save your savings. Wait until you have enough saved up, then, build or buy your own home without any financing other than your own. You will save a fortune in mortgage/interest/insurance costs and control your home’s financing yourself. When your home is financed by gov’t or banks, you have zero independence, and zero freedom. Gov’t is not needed to finance or build homes for us. We only need the willingness to conquer our desires/demands for instant gratification. In regards to home ownership being a dream, if I knew in my twenties what I know now, I would never have bought a house. They are expensive to manage, upkeep, a lot of work, and too restrictive of freedom.

Do you support cutting wasteful government spending and excessive taxation to Bring Home powerful ??paycheques?

*Yes NoI support cutting all and any wasteful spending by anyone, including myself, but so far, I’ve seen the most and nastiest waste by con gov’ts in Canada, notably Steve Harper’s and those in Alberta. I see no excessive taxation in Canada, if anything, we tax the rich and corporations far too little – they do not pay their fair share and get away with murder.

What the hell is a powerful paycheque? There is no such thing. Skippy Picklehead is riling you and your greed up, and feeding hatred. Pay cheques are just pieces of paper. What makes income powerful for us, is if we use that income wisely and avoid debt. If we blow nearly all of it on debt which comes from mainly 1) our enormous mortgages because we let greed do our house hunting for us, instead of using common sense, restraint and patience; then 2) 20% interest charges on purchasing nearly all our greed frenzies on credit cards, filling our too enormous homes with too much crap we do not need or even want, leaving us angry, forever in debt and controlled by the rich, with zero freedom. Many end up in personal bankruptcy, filled with rage and despair, never able to escape self inflicted cycles of vicious greed and debt.

Do you support defunding the CBC to save taxpayers a billion dollars?

*Yes No

Have you donated to the Conservative Party of Canada in 2023?

Yes NoI will never donate to any con politician or party. Canadian cons are too evil, federally and in every provincial gov’t.

Are you interested in volunteering with Team Pierre?

Yes No



When a politician pushes a “common sense” slogan, what he’s telling you is don’t believe journalism, don’t believe science, or experts, or history. This makes you distrustful of people who do believe the experts, and just like that, he’s divided us into enemy camps.Canadians still haven’t recovered from Herr Harper dividing us.

The flaw with ‘common sense’ is that it’s not always based on reasoning or logic. Too often, populist politicians tell you the only “truth” is what you feel in your gut while you ignore all the experts. It’s used as a cheap form of manipulation.

Paul Hackl@geoquery:

The basic flaw is the free ride that the phrase ‘common sense’ gets from those who go along with populist politicians. It is a trite and meaningless phrase.

Vickie Somers #TeamCanada #CanadaGuards #ProCanada@SoMersVick:

When you need health information, I suggest you don’t listen to an unqualified person. …. Canadian intelligence has seen Canadians living healthier and longer lives. It’s a shame corrupt cons want to change that.

Paul @ekkridon:

… Unfortunately the “listen to both sides” crowd is usually an expert vs a kook in a tinfoil hat.

No politician who ran on a “cut the waste” platform at any level of government has ever found once elected that there was much waste to be cut. Just services to people they don’t value.

“I Stand with Ukraine” j. kerr@jKerrm:


the “common sense” slogan / platform means

that specific politician doesn’t have a darn clue what to say,

so they try to dazzle the voter with silly little Anglo-Saxon slogans.

Sean Dixon@NewE_R_A:

“Common sense” from an Idiot is just “idiocracy” trying to sound cool.
If he had true common sense he wouldn’t have to try so hard and sell any policy or plan as such. It would just resonate with the intelligent electorate.

Hugh Latta @bud_latta:

Ann. Who?@annwmac:

Common sense. Whose? His? He would have invested all our money in crypto. Do Canadians really want a guy leading us with that level of common sense? He’d destroy this country with his “common sense”


I so remember Mike Harris in Ontario and his common sense agenda. Hospital closures, welfare cuts and that’s when homelessness really took off in ontario.

Red Terry@flames222154161:

Common sense is to block Pierre Poilievre from existence.

The Perfidious SH@perfidiousSH:

Slogans over policy. Idealism over reality. Fundamentalism over fundamentals. It’s why PoiLIEvre spews nothing but virtue signal bullshit



Luke Fevin@According2Luke:

A peer-reviewed study found @nationalpost was the least accurate of 17 newspapers across 5 countries over a 15 year period on the subject of Climate Change.

The 5 least accurate were all right-leaning publications.

Patricia McDonald@Papaschase2:

They’re Fox Entertainment in print so it stands to reason that they’re the least accurate on everything including climate change.


Were they evaluated for accuracy for other topics as well? I’m sure they were top five in multiple categories of misinformation. Any paper that would pay Rex Murphy seems pretty suspect.

Andrew Boniwell@AndrewBoniwell:

NatPo has their agenda and it’s pro big oil and big business – the fact that they are first in climate inaccuracies in this study is damning plus they bring the same inaccuracies to all their so called reporting


Why PP thinks he can get buy-in to ‘axe the tax’ while Canadians die in fire and flood.and hundreds more have died from excess heat

Cartoon by Adam Zyglis


Carolyn Sullivan@myptstella:

UCP are a bunch of right wingers. Sickening people…..they want people to suffer for fascism.Fascism is always about making people suffer, stealing from the citizenry to give to corporations and the rich.

They are suppressing education,healthcare, women, intelligence…all FOR the rich!
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