Story on fracking leads to questions and more questions

Story on fracking leads to questions and more questions by Paul Steinhauer, November 21, 2012, Colorado Statesman
In most human endeavors there is risk and reward. People who can only see reward and refuse to consider risk should not be making decisions for all of us. Their expert advice needs to be CARFULLY verified. Those opposed to fracking should not have to prove that fracking IS dangerous. … Those who advocate it need to investigate what the risk is, and whether that risk likely to be worth the reward. Then all potentially affected people can decide whether to proceed. In my 65 years of life I have noticed several “oops” events when profits outweighed public health, until it was too late. Below are my thoughts about some quotes in the Nov. 16, 2012 issue The Colorado Statesman.

Today we are talking about a rapid expansion of fracking. Unless human nature has recently changed, and I didn’t notice, the terms “rapid expansion” and “cutting corners” often go together, especially when money is involved.

My thinking: It is the obligation of every person who breathes air and drinks water to stand up for these things around the world. I distrust any person who does not include that in their personal list of obligations.

There is a photo with story, of a sign saying, “Smarter Rules with Business Sense.”
My sign would say: “Smarter Rules with Public Health Sense.” [Emphasis added]

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