SemCAMS ULC gas company pleads guilty, fined $350,000 after pipeline leak released toxic waste water into Alberta creek and muskeg, killing fish and damaging the creek

Alberta gas company pleads guilty, fined after pipeline leak by The Canadian Press, December 27, 2013, Calgary Herald
A Calgary-based natural gas company will pay $350,000 in fines after pleading guilty to a pipeline leak that killed hundreds of fish and damaged a creek in northern Alberta. SemCAMS ULC made the plea after 850,000 litres of salty, chemically contaminated wastewater was released into a small creek and muskeg near Fox Creek, Alta., in August 2010. The company originally faced numerous charges under both federal and provincial legislation but pled guilty to only one count under each. At least $185,000 of the fine will be paid into the federal Environmental Damages Fund. SemCAMS gathers and processes natural gas, operating four gas processing plants and nearly 1,000 kilometres of pipeline in Alberta. [Emphasis added]

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