Rob Rogers cartoon, Team Trump-GOP-Norfolk Southern’s vast Poisoning for Profit Project, East Palestine Ohio, PA, NY, Ontario, Quebec and more: “I love the smell of deregulation in the morning.”

Just like the wanna-be-GOP, Trump-worshipping conservatives in Canada, notably in Ontario, Alberta and Saskatchewan where deregulation is religion, and oil and gas towns ‘n trains ‘n frac’d water towers blow up poisoning and killing (with judges lying in rulings, enabling the poisoners while punishing the poisoned). So grateful I have no kids enduring humanity’s toxic world.

Water Testing After Ohio Derailment — Led By Rail Company Itself — Condemned As ‘Sloppy’ The state used preliminary results from railroad-funded sampling to declare that East Palestine’s drinking water was safe in the wake of the toxic spill

Other chemicals of concern at the site include phosgene and hydrogen chloride, which are released when vinyl chloride breaks down; butyl acrylate; ethylene glycol monobutyl ether acetate; and 2-ethylhexyl acrylate, according to the US Environmental Protection Agency. All these chemicals can change when they break down or react with other things in the environment, creating a stew of potential toxins. …

Above from: Dispersion Of Chemicals Using NOAA’s HYSPLIT Model

From the NOAA Air Resources Lab: The Hybrid Single-Particle Lagrangian Integrated Trajectory model. This is used to track a single air particle to show how far and in what direction it travels. We have used this to plot the origin of arctic air, and even retroactively plot the suspected path of the Chinese Spy Balloon.

Here we can see the cloud spread with the wind to the North and Northeast. A high enough concentration was determined to have reached across northern Pennsylvania, Buffalo and Albany in New York, and beyond to Montreal in Canada.

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Judge rules CP not liable for Lac-Megantic deadly frac’d oil train crash. Status quo wins again. Soon, there will be no ordinary people left for the rich to rape, pillage and murder.

East Palestine Ohio toxic train derailment: Chickens, fish, pets, livestock dying; fallout over much of Ontario and Quebec. Norfolk Southern Railway Co, market value $55 Billion (rejected safety measures), offers residents $5 each for ordered evacuation (or face death) to flee toxic fumes. For the stingy $5, will residents have to sign NDAs (gags) and forfeit their right to sue?

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