River Bubbles, Contamination Claims in Bradford

River Bubbles, Contamination Claims in Bradford by WBNG News, October 28, 2010
Terry Township, PA (WBNG Binghamton) More claims of gas drilling contaminating drinking water have prompted a lawsuit against Chesapeake Energy in Bradford County. Some believe the proof is in the Susquehanna River.
Fears underground are rising to the surface near Wyalusing. Along the Susquehanna River, strange bubbles have left people wondering where it’s coming from. Pennsylvania DEP recently confirmed that it is methane. It suspects nearby drilling practices from Chesapeake Energy are to blame. Not far from the river in Sugar Run, a woman files suit against the company. She believes drilling tainted her well, and made her sick. “I heard air in the line, and we were assuming other things. Then, the water turned yellow,” said Judy Armstrong of Wilmot Township. … Ed Bidlack of nearby Terry Township says his water is also contaminated. He’s waiting to hear back on test results, but Chesapeake has provided water and a well vent. “In the meantime, they did jump right on getting us fresh water and bringing us water to hook up to the house,” Bidlack said. Neighbors are concerned as they wait to find out where the gas is coming from. “I don’t believe that we’ll continue to live here in this area. I really don’t,” Armstrong said.

Many people continue to look closely to the river, and the unusual bubbles floating upward.

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