Marcellus Shale Gas Driller Named in Water Contamination Lawsuit

Marcellus Shale Gas Driller Named in Water Contamination Lawsuit by Laurie, October 29, 2010, News Inferno
A woman from Sugar Run, Pennsylvania has filed suit against Chesapeake Appalachia, LLP, alleging its drilling of nearby natural gas wells has contaminated her water supply. … In addition to Chesapeake Appalachia, the lawsuit names Chesapeake Energy Corporation and Nomac Drilling LLC as defendants. According to Armstrong’s lawsuit, Chesapeake Appalachia began drilling several wells near her home in 2009. The complaint alleges that because of the drilling activities, methane, ethane, barium and other harmful substances entered into and contaminated her water supply. The contamination has caused her to suffer a variety of problems, including contact dermatitis, gastro-intestinal discomfort, barium poisoning, pain, numbness to her face and hands, deformities of the bones of her hands, and headache, among other injuries. She continues to live in fear of future physical illness, the complaint alleges. ….Chesapeake and the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) found methane when they tested their water in September. Armstrong’s lawsuit seeks a preliminary and permanent injunction barring the defendants from engaging in the acts cited by the complaint, as well as abatement of the nuisances, unlawful conduct, violations and damages created by those acts. It also seeks, among other things, compensatory damages, punitive damages, and the cost of future health monitoring. According to an Associated Press report, the state DEP said last month that at least six residential wells in Wilmot Township – about 8 miles from Sugar Run – were tainted with methane believed to be caused by Chesapeake’s drilling operations. The agency has also directed Chesapeake to evaluate all 171 wells it has in Pennsylvania because of the Bradford County issues. Fracking has also been blamed for contaminating 20 water wells in the town of Dimock, which is located in Susquehanna County, just adjacent to Bradford County. [Emphasis added]

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