Queensland’s environmental regulator charges Linc Energy CEO Peter Bond with three indictable offences, If convicted, could face fines or jail time. Linc, in liquidation, faces five charges of willfully and unlawfully causing serious environmental harm. When will Encana be charged for willfully and unlawfully frac’ing and contaminating Rosebud’s drinking water aquifers?

Linc CEO charged with environmental breaches, If convicted, Mr Bond could face a fine of more than $310,000 per offence, or even jail time by The Australian, September 15, 2016

Queensland’s environmental regulator has filed a complaint and summons against the founder of Linc Energy, Peter Bond.

The Department of Environment and Heritage Protection filed papers in the Dalby Magistrates Court against the former Linc CEO.

Environment Minister Steven Miles said Mr Bond had been charged with three indictable offences of failing to ensure Linc Energy Ltd complied with the Environmental Protection Act 1994, contrary to section 493 of the Act.

The prosecution relates to the operation of the company’s underground coal gasification trial at Chinchilla.

If convicted, Mr Bond could face a fine of more than $310,000 per offence — or even jail time — with executive officers able to be charged under the Environment Protection Act.

The department is also pursuing the company which is facing five charges of wilfully and unlawfully causing serious environmental harm over contamination allegations at the UCG plant.

Linc Energy went into liquidation earlier this year.

Mr Miles said an investigation into Linc Energy’s activities were also continuing.

“This also involves examining other potential executive officer offending,” Mr Miles said.

“Further charges cannot be ruled out at this stage.”

According to the summons filed by EHP, Mr Bond is due to appear in the Dalby Magistrates Court on November 29 for a first mention. [Enphasis added]

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