Ohio: More radioactive frac waste. More deregulation and lies by regulator?

Residents raise concerns about radioactive waste at business in Martins Ferry by Brittany Grego, June 30, 2021, WTOV9FOX

BELMONT COUNTY, Ohio — Concerns have been raised regarding radioactive waste at the Austin Master Services facility in Martins Ferry.

Residents spoke out during Wednesday morning’s Belmont County Commissioner’s meeting.

“It says right on their sign, ‘Austin Masters Radiologic Remediation Area’ so they are processing radioactive fracking waste,” Belmont County Resident Jill Hunkler said.

The business is located less than a mile from Purple Rider Stadium.

Hunkler said she’s afraid of the airborne exposure risks.

“It’s a very dangerous situation, not only for worker safety, but also for the community that they place these facilities in,” she said.

Hunkler also referenced a report from a Columbus newspaper citing problems found in inspections by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources with radioactive waste being stored on the floor.

“These reports from 2017 about Austin Masters, ODNR cites and has photographs of violations, but no enforcement or action has been taken,” Hunkler said.

ODNR said if a waste facility is found to be in violation of terms and conditions of the Chief’s Order, or Ohio laws, the division may take enforcement action.

No specific information was provided regarding this facility.

ODNR says “Saying” usually means nothing when it comes out of a politician or regulator or frac company mouth it will continue to diligently regulate all of Ohio’s oil and gas rules and laws and enforce Chief’s Orders authorizing oil and gas waste facility operations.

County commissioners are also working with ODNR on restructuring rules regarding new oil and gas sites. I expect deregulation to make poisoning the community with radioactive frac waste legal. Companies and regulators globally do not know what to do with their ever growing mountains of deadly waste, except deregulate and dump it, on us and in our communities.

“Part of those draft plans include looking specifically at what are the parameters in locating new sites, part of that is how far they are going to be from adjacent properties and structures,” Commissioner JP Dutton said.

Austin Master Services did not wish to comment on this story at this time.


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