Part 2: Private land; Frac’ers Garbage Can. Another Encana/Ovintiv (now Lynx) Sentron LD 3000 oil barrel on Rosebud River coulee, Ernst property.

Dear Encana/Ovintiv now Lynx,

My requests are the same as I sent Lynx in June 2021, copied below (I added the bold today).

This is not fun for me. Lynx’s unsecured barrels rolling down my coulee could kill nesting birds and or fox kits/other young. Life for them is tough enough without Lynx’s irresponsibility.

Secure your barrels and garbage – please – so this doesn’t happen a third time.

Lynx’s barrel glints in the sun, making it stand out vividly (and annoyingly) on the landscape.

I waited awhile to see if Lynx would contact me to ask if an oil barrel had trespassed on my land again, and to ask permission to pick it up. As expected, nothing. I didn’t want to walk out there, disturbing nesting birds and other wild things, to take photos.

But, it’s too close to the old river, in same location as the other barrel in 2021, so I had to.

Photos taken June 23, 2023.


Jessica Ernst


Subject:     Re: SE13-27-22-W4M: rogue Sentron LD 3000 barrel on my land at Rosebud
Date:     Wed, 2 Jun 2021 13:18:27 -0600
From:     Jessica Ernst
To:     Shawn Deschamps <email hidden; JavaScript is required>

Thank you Shawn, I must admit, I am surprised Lynx picked up the barrel this promptly. Now, I need not worry about it ending up in the river. Excellent, that staff have been reminded to keep garbage secure on site.

An apology would have been a nice bonus.


On 02/06/2021 1:08 p.m., Shawn Deschamps wrote:

> Good afternoon Jessica,
> Thank you for your email and bringing this to our attention. The barrel has since been picked up and we have sent a reminder to our field staff to secure all loose objects on site; I assume this was from the recent winds we had in the area.It would have been more appropriate (and responsible) had Lynx admitted fault for not securing its barrels and apologizing instead of blaming the wind. Alberta is an incredibly windy place; I keep secure my garbage, rain barrels low on water, deck chairs, etc. to avoid polluting the community, hurting someone and or losing items.
> Hope you’re enjoying the beautiful weather.I would if I didn’t have to chase after industry’s oil barrels, taking photos, asking for removal and for Lynx to secure its stuff.
> Regards,
> Shawn

Subject:     SE13-27-22-W4M: rogue Sentron LD 3000 barrel on my land at Rosebud
Date:     Wed, 2 Jun 2021 08:46:11 -0600
From:     Jessica Ernst
To:     email hidden; JavaScript is required

Dear Lynx Energy,

It appears one of your Sentron LD 3000 oil barrels is on my land, south of your compressor station on section 13 -27-22-W4M.

Would Lynx please remove it and email me when that has been done. That part of my property has no vehicle access, so someone will need to walk down and carry the barrel up the coulee and off my land.

Please also fasten down your empties so that they do not escape again.

Photos for your convenience:

Thank you.

Sincerely, Jessica Ernst

Lynx’s 2021 barrel trespassing on my property (which is part of the Rosebud River coulee, habit to many species, some protected):

Private land; Frac’ers Garbage Can. Sentron LD 3000 oil barrel on Rosebud River coulee, Ernst property; Matching barrels at Encana/Ovintiv (now Lynx) 7-13 Compressor station.

View to the north up the coulee (steeper than appears in the photos) towards Encana/Ovintiv now Lynx’s compressors (that still, 20 years later, violate my legal right to quiet enjoyment of my home and property).

Fortunately, I do not permit over grazing of my land, so there are shrubs that stopped both the 2021 and 2023 barrels, preventing them from ending up in the river.

Surely a petroleum company can find a way to secure these!?

Life trying to protect a small piece of grassland in an Encana/Ovintiv now Lynx frac field.

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