Private land; Frac’ers Garbage Can. Sentron LD 3000 oil barrel on Rosebud River coulee, Ernst property; Matching barrels at Encana/Ovintiv (now Lynx) 7-13 Compressor station.

Comment from a rural Alberta:

Good job on the “barrel racing”, Jessica, they won’t forget …this isn’t your first rodeo! Ha.


Yesterday, walking home checking the mail, I noticed a black blob that did not belong on the landscape (other side of the old Rosebud River on my property where there is no vehicle access).

Today, I went black blob hunting, to inspect and take photos:

Heading out: Behind my barn, facing west, looking towards the old Rosebud River running through my land.

The black blob, facing north. It’s a steep coulee. Encana/Ovintiv now Lynx 7-13 compressor station is past the top of it, to the north.

The Sentron LD 3000 label, facing west. SENTRON Natural Gas engine oils are premium performance, long-life engine oils for Stationary Gas engines and compressors….

Facing south towards the old Rosebud River.

Facing east towards my home and Rosebud.

The water tower with taxpayer-funded new safe alternate water supply (as of Dec 2020) is the tiny red dot to the top left of the photo. (My place is just outside the hamlet, so I did not get safe water.)

Next, I went up to Encana/Ovintiv’s (now Lynx) 7-13 compressor station that has caused much noise invasion over the last near 20 years, to see what I might see.

The 7-13 Compressor station, facing south towards my land.

Three matching black barrels between the two compressors. In the background is the well Encana drilled under my already contaminated land, approved by AER in half a day.

Two more matching black barrels.

Who is going to carry that barrel up the coulee off my land?

No point calling AER. I expect their lawyer would bully and blame me for being a terrorist, hiding bombs in black blobs on my land.

I emailed Lynx. They picked up their rogue barrel today. Now I need not worry about it ending up in the river. Thank you Lynx.

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