Oh Racist Genocidal Canada! Parol Board said of RCMP: “Should the public become aware of the release and potential unsupervised visits, it would show the community and all neighbouring communities of the injustice for the two victims.” Board lets killer Roger Bilodeau out of prison unescorted anyways – to go to confession, visit church buddies, and play with his grandkids. FFS, the racism and religious supremacy screams.

Did justice-meddler Danielle Smith interfere again, and demand this killer be allowed out for fun? ‘Cause he’s a white man, has grandkids and goes to church?

Or did Smith’s racist extreme religious handler David Parker order it?

Alberta farmer whose son gunned down Métis hunters granted unescorted absences from prison, While the board credited Bilodeau with feeling empathy for his victims, it also said he took “limited accountability” for his actions by Jonny Wakefield, Feb 27, 2024, Edmonton Journal

… “It is their opinion that should the public become aware of the release and potential unsupervised visits, it would show the community and all neighbouring communities of the injustice for the two victims,” the parole board said of the RCMP. “Further, it would create a greater divide within the area that is unnecessary and frankly displays the holes in the justice system.”

… The unescorted absences will be allowed during a six-month window, cannot exceed more than 72 hours a month and are subject to reporting requirements, the parole board said. Bilodeau is allowed to spend time with family, including his grandchildren, and is also permitted to attend mass and confession and may visit with church members for 30 minutes after each service. …

Sarah Sansom, Jacob Sansom’s widow, was “upset” with the decision. She said her teenage daughter was recently diagnosed with a degenerative nervous system disease, and said in a fundraising post that her husband’s killing has forced her to work two jobs “just to keep a roof over their heads.”

A few tweets in response:


“The board noted Bilodeau continues to exhibit “cognitive distortions” about his crimes.”

The parole board should be ashamed.


Well, heaven forbid that his prison time for mudering 2 people would interfere with coffee hour after church…!

So, where are all the tough-on-crime people on this? Or does that not apply to white farmers that murder non-white people?


This is Alberta & Ms Smith sent a loud/clear message to farmers that they have the right to defend their property. But are not allowed to install non-polluting alternate energy on their land while being forced to have polluting incredibly ugly water-destroying oil, gas, frac, and bitumen. We are just a couple legislative motions away from our own “stand your ground” laws here.

Dee – No, not that Dee, the other one.@DeetoriaDee:

Prisons usually have a chapel in them, go to church there.

Family can come visit you in prison. …

kevin bell@kevbell2Bell:

Prisons always have a chapel and chaplains, this is signalling that crimes against Métis are less serious, revolting.

Kieran Green #SearchTheLandfill @Privateer1:

Waiting for all the ‘law-and-order’ Conservatives to scream about this one…

Yeah that’s what I thought.

Joe Durante@JoeDurante99:

Where’s all those Cons complaining about a murderer actually getting unsupervised leave from prison?

Patrick Dusablon@PatrickDusablon:

See, he killed people Cons don’t like, so it’s OK in their eyes.


He should still be in jail he can pray there and family can visit no need to let him out…

Your Wing Man formerly Hulk Williams @pasta_creator:

Unless things have changed the one item every inmate is given is a Bible if they want it. Hell some ask just so they can use them as a pillow.

So give the man his bible and tell him to go fucking read it in his cell!

1978 Ford BR0 NC0 @FreeCDN_Citizen:

Can’t his family and god visit him in prison?

Refer also to:

Harper judge, Sheldon W. Lanchbery, orders injunction against grieving families who don’t want their loved ones left in a garbage dump, tells them he doesn’t come from white privilege because he grew up poor. FFS! What a cruel racist asshole.

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