MUST WATCH TRAILER: The Rising, Connecting Human Health and Oil Operations

The Rising, Connecting Human Health and Oil Operations

What happens to people exposed to extreme oil operations?

Press Release


“Manning, with his Emmy and Academy Award winning team, have been covering the personal stories of Gulf Coast residents and spill workers exposed to oil-chemical toxins following the BP Oil Spill for the making of The Rising film and campaign []. What they have learned over the course of six years working with toxicologists, biologists, medical professionals and community members, leaves them extremely concerned that oil spill responders presently working on the Shell spill as well as those who will be called in as the clean-up process picks up, are at tremendous health risk. These workers have the right to be educated on the true short and long-term health effects of exposure to oil-chemical combinations and must be provided with proper protective gear immediately.”

“Said BP oil spill worker in The Rising film, “We asked for respirators and they told us that would be an act for termination.” Another worker said, “Our bodies were covered in oil – and still no personal protective gear.”

Manning says the story of one fishing family who was asked for use of their boat in clean-up operations really gets him in the gut. A wife and her husband had clean-up crew on their boat but weren’t given any protective gear as pellets were being dumped into the sheen. “Dust was coming off of it. It got all over the cabin. They never told us it was bad for us. Since all this happened I lost my husband…watched him wither away in less than a year.”

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