Misogyny Rules the Law: Newly crowned King’s Counsel, KC (aka Douche’s Counsel, DC), Calgary lawyer Rob Rakochey, skeezy f*cking creepy slimy piece of shit douche, f*cking slimy pig resigns from Field Law where he was *partner* (was *Senior Partner* at Norton Rose Fulbright Canada LLP; I expect both firms knew of DC’s bigotry/misogyny, Alberta KC Screening Committee too). I bet UCP, TBA, CAPP, CPC, Harper-led IDU and or Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms will hire him in a flash, and or Rakochey, DC will be made Douche Judge, Court of King’s Bench.


Rotary Club of Calgary West, Rob Rakochey appeared on your website with his arm around a Rotary Youth Exchange student recently. Care to explain?


Patricia McDonald@Papaschase2:

Really not surprising that we have the judges who tell rape victims to hold their knees together is it?

And which Alberta’s self regulator of lawyers, the law society, licenced to practice law after falling from grace as a misogynistic asshole Harper judge.


I guarantee that his colleagues all loved every word of what he said. They’ve got his back, and he’ll be fine. The only part they object to is that he put it in writing for outsiders to see.

Sharon MacLean @sharedmaclean:

That might be a good thing if you were a ho, a #wife, a woman, a #womaninbusiness, a male without integrity.


Exactly. 100% certain his friends and associates have heard him say these things repeatedly and probably laughed. It’s why he thought it was OK to write them down and email them far and wide.

The Breakdown@TheBreakdownAB:

From the DM’s…

We’re told that the Calgary Lawyer who wrote the allegedly misogynistic bigoted and transphobic email has now been removed from the board of private religious school Clearwater academy.


Don Cochrane@DonCochraneYOW:

Wouldn’t let my kids near him


Quite sure that Rob Rakochey, UCP donor and formerly of Field Law, could be described as a misogynistic homophobe and transphobe.

Also quite sure Rob Rakochey is a hero in UCP circles.

Wattaguy! Wattaman! Wattapoliticalparty!


A good start. Now if we can get rid of the misogynistic transphobic folks in our government, that would be even better.


UCP sure has a lot of pedo, misogynistic and bigoted friends. You are a reflection of the circles you keep. Be very aware people

Brian Halpin@BjhBrian:

Danielle will set him up with something – a consultancy or board position.


So actively involved with children. And diversity with children according to the bio. But he judges and defames certain youth he doesn’t give grace to? Religion at its finest


What with these Con/MAGA types who hide their sexual deviance behind a thin veneer of societal acceptability? A dance for 14-25 year olds you say? Bring it on! #NeverVoteUCP


I know someone he is (was) representing and they are as much of a vile human being as he is. Not surprised to see this come to light.


Figures you’re a fkn Conservative

Davin @mosphotos:

another conservative with incredibly bigoted views.

Hilary Tanasichuk@HTanasichuk:

This triggers the emotional and mental abuse I suffered early in my career. Absolutely disgusting, a side of Rob I have never seen and am blindsided by.


Yep. This tracks with Polievre supporters.


⁦@RoyalFamily Please rescind this lawyer’s #KC immediately. He brings shame to the King’s Council. Rob Rakochey’s behaviour is deplorable.


Am beyond sure that Rakochey is shocked at the reaction to his words. Without a doubt, he’s been misogynist & crass forever, & now can’t understand how the world has changed while he hasn’t. He’ll pout in resentful victimhood until a govt. (UCP?) rewards him with an appt.


Wow! There are still troglodytes not only saying it out loud but actually putting it in writing! Our Alberta leading the way again!

Dennis Cambly@ThisBoyTV:

Peter J. Poole@peterpoole:

Glad to hear that this reprehensible behaviour by Rob Rakochey led Field Law firm to seek the partner’s resignation. To regain reputation, the firm may need to persuade the King’s Counsel honour to be rescinded.

Douglas Robertson@douglasr:

The misogynistic and anti-LGBTQ+ content spewed out in the email from @RobRakochey
is beyond disgusting. Views this disturbing don’t start overnight, so either Field Law doesn’t know what’s going on in their firm or they accepted/ignored it (most likely).

And it will come as no surprise that Rob’s feed is full of reposts of Pierre Poilievre and how great he will be if elected as PM.Coward took his twitter account down

Running to be Prime Minister of Canada@IAMSMRT1:

He is a perfect fit for the UCP/TBA. He will be running as an MLA now that he had to resign because of his bigotry.

Money, It’s The Shoes@no_half_stepn:

He’ll be a UCP candidate in the next election


When you reach the point that you are so entitled and above everyone else that you can write something like that makes him a perfect UCP candidate.


34 years a Calgary lawyer. Rakochey existed. He had co-workers, clients. He exists. Amazing.

Steve Manta@mantalicious:

The only thing he’s missing is being a Pastor in his church

Nigel Bankes@NdbYyc1305:

Duane must be right about this.
It would also be surprising if this were confined to Field Law.
Time for some sunlight.


Patricia McDonald@Papaschase2:

Just wait he’ll be a judge soon. Cons only appoint the best.


He felt comfortable enough with the ppl at that firm to send this email..that says a lot about the culture at the firm

Diane McLeod @Dimcl2:

He was like this decades ago. Large firm, typical old boys club.


One would think the @LawSocietyofAB might have more continuing education/standards after the abhorrent case of Judge Robin Camp not long ago.Are you kidding? The law society granted Camp licence to practice law after he was pressured by Canada’s self regulator of judges to get his nasty Harper-appointed ass off the bench because of his pro rapist views.

I am not surprised by things like this, happens in almost every professional setting. NDAs cover it all up. https://www.thestar.com/news/canada/knees-together-judge-in-sexual-assault-trial-says-he-will-resign-from-the-bench/article_9c8ff73e-3584-551a-ae2b-a20247f5ab49.amp.html


Gross. These are the people supporting conservatives.


I’m sure Rob Rakochey will be sworn in as the Alberta Minister of LGBTQ relations within a couple of weeks.


Holy fuck. That story is disturbing. Next up… position with the UCP.


Ffs. My brother is a partner at this firm.

David Stewart @DavidRSt3wart:

I’m not surprised that a Calgary lawyer or UPC supporter would think this way, but my heart just breaks with hopelessness that anyone would feel so free to openly display it at this point in time.Imagine how Canadian women feel, especially those raped and or abused by their bosses/families/partners/religions, and what we must endure just to survive the hate-filled spew of these fuckers, never mind that so many are lawyers, politicians and judges, and worse, on the boards of their self regulators.


Obviously he was comfortable enough to send this email to many many people so that tells me many of the recipients of this email were like minded people. This wasn’t the first email of this kind I would speculate.


This is how he speaks, and most people who have associate with him have probably heard him say those things repeatedly. Which is also why he thought it was ok to write them down and broadcast them.

Thomas A. Lukaszuk@LukaszukAB.@AbDanielleSmith:

.@ABDanielleSmith Great choice for a King’s Council designation by your Cabinet. Withdraw it immediately.

What is it about these “nice guys” to be attracted to UCP?
What is it about the UCP that makes them consider UCP as their political home?
This one even donates to UCP.

Something UCP supporters should think about…I know too many UCP voters/worshippers, that think and talk like Douche’s Counsel Rob Rakochey. Hating women is prerequisite to voting UCP/CPC and deeply rots Canada’s legal-judicial industry

I ask this question: Why is it that many of the outed reprobates end up being UCP donors and private Christian school supporters??? It’s a provocative question, but needs to be asked.


What is it about the UCP that thinks a “lawyer” like this deserves recognition to “King’s Council”?!

The Weathervane@wx__vane:

Well, for starters, they KC’ed Shandro and Madu.

Penny n’Kid@pennynk1948:

I understand Minister of Justice involved in these KC awards. Hmm

Refer below to list of judges, and more, on the KC Selection Committee.

I’m sure this email is just tip of the iceberg and no way ppl at Field Law, legal community, UCP members, ppl in his neighborhood, etc., did not see the signs over the years. Many likely scared to raise concerns.

Penny n’Kid@pennynk1948:


Two questions:
Does this behaviour start with the email?
Does he sit on any boards?


I’ve never seen a publicly circulated letter as vile as this. That a lawyer of 34 years, and a KC no less should be this juvenile astounds me! I hope that the Alberta Law Society gives him a drubbing for it.

Are you kidding? I expect the Douche Counsel’s self regulator will pat him on the back in secret, and take him out to dinner at the Petroleum Club to congratulate him with many like-minded Alberta judges, other lawyers and politicos.


Disgusting person who belongs on the other side of the barWill never happen, the self regulator will make sure of that. Rape religions won’t allow law any other way, than misogynistic. They’ll likely scold him though, for being stupid and arrogant enough to get caught publicly.


This is who they are, deeply transphobic, misogynistic, homophobic, everything phobic basically.

They want an Alberta for some and not for others.Yup, that’s obvious.


Can’t wait for this Kings Counsel to “fall up” into some cushy government appointment.


Because they all share the same values and this is what how they talk amongst themselves in private.

Dont Know@kno14161375:

Makes you wonder what else he might have done as an officer of the court all those years and what the law society has to say.The job of self regulators of lawyers is to sweep dirt under the legal rug quickly and smoothly, protect bad lawyers, keep them dishing out hate and abuse, and lie to get rid of complainants. Law societies knowingly licence convicted rapists of kids; Douche’s Counsel Rakochey is right up their alley for being of “good character.”

Tweeting Trucker@DieselYorkie1:

I think he should be disbarred from practicing as a Lawyer, for his words.He won’t be. Lawyer self regulators and or their “independent” but lawyer top heavy tribunals are there to make sure law-violating lawyers, notably convicted pedophiles, are licenced to practice law, and stay practicing law.

2019: Law Society of Ontario (LSO) a Pedophile Ring? Racism, misogyny *and* enabling sexual abuse of children? Ottawa lawyer, John David Coon, in custody for sex crimes against four-year old daughter of one of his clients. LSO documents reveal they gave Coon licence to practise law despite knowing of his prior criminal conviction for sexually assaulting another child. *And* LSO licenced Donald (“Donnie”) Davidovic knowing of his child porn conviction, deemed him to be of “good character” *and* let convicted pedophile senior lawyer Martin Schulz keep his licence to practice law! How grateful I am I have no children!


He was confident in what he did. Shows he’s done it before with no fallout


Wow how professional. What did last years invite say?! Also who wants to bet that the UCP hires this man in a month or two?!


A disgusting human being.A lot of such inhumane humans in Canada’s legal-judicial industry; racism, especially hatred against Indigenous people seems a requirement too.


I have a feeling someone’s King’s Counsel designation is about to be rescinded.I doubt it, I bet the UCP, law society and judges are delighted with Douche Counsel’s misogyny and bigotry, but are likely pissed he got loudly publicly outed; they don’t give a shit about bad lawyers abusing kids, women, queer, marginalized, they just give a shit about keeping lids on it so that we keep dishing out our savings paying bad lawyers to abuse us and or our kids, thus the endless gag orders via court-ordered NDAs or pimped on clients by their lawyers. He was way too comfortable saying grossly inappropriate things. I bet many women come forward with stories of poor treatment that has been ignored.


This isn’t one-off. It’s years of letting it slide, and EVERYONE knew what he was like

John Turner@johnnyredflag:

The kind of behaviour that makes a lawyer a senior partner at a right wing law firm. Decent humans seldom get to be partners. This guy’s misogynistic, homophobic diarrhea was popular with clients and partners, you can be certain. Look at Ivan Bernardo, Denis, et. al.

Andrew Secord@SecordAndr83985:

Hah! This isn’t exactly breaking news. This IS Corporate Calgary.which is largely MAGA Repuglican evangelical racist, women-and-queer-hating christian USA, much like the UCP/TBA and CPC are

A Wolfe she/they@adelecw:

What a creep


Yes, and worse, many Albertans, notably rural, are also extreme right white evangelical christian, hate women, hate queer, hate anything not white old con male, VOTE for this, they seek it in their politicians provincially and federally, so Douche Counsel will be rewarded by the rich and powerful. They’ll tell him to go hide away somewhere til this blows over (Albertans have short and weak memories), then, plunk him in a position of power over the women and queer that he hates


The untouchables of the legaland judicialprofession. Hes not just one.

pollyv (Free AF)@pollyvinebag:

I think I’d be looking at his behaviour towards women in the firm. There’s no way he hasn’t engaged in some sexual harassment.I’m more worried about girls and boys he has power over or access to, notably at the rotary club and religious schools. The legal-judicial industry is self regulated. Lawyers and judges have one hell of a lot of power, too much power – which humans seem incapable of handling appropriately. It’s largely male, white privileged, a protected powerful rape club, notably of kids.

TinkieGurl @sharib1959:

He has a lot of involvement with young kids which is frightening given the covert hints at a no holds barred sex festival.

Danielle Smith ‎(Parody) @ABDanielSmith:

I regret to inform Albertans that Mickey Amery has been replaced as Alberta’s Justice Minister.

Former Field Law lawyer, Rob Rakochey, has been practising law in Alberta for over 30 years and was recently appointed to the court of King’s Bench.

We are confident Rob’s morals and views better represent those of the UCP party and we know Rob will be a strong advocate for justice in Alberta focusing on women’s and LGBTQ rights in our province.

We wish Mickey Amery all the success in his new ventures at Chipiuk Law.Too funny but terrible.

Congratulations Rob!

Read more about his achievements here:

Calgary lawyer resigns from firm after sending ‘disturbing’ and ‘misogynistic’ email, Newly appointed King’s counsel lawyer Rob Rakochey worked for Field Law by Meghan Grant, CBC News, May 17, 2024

A smiling man in a suit.
Calgary lawyer and newly appointed King’s counsel Rob Rakochey wrote an email on May 7 that his firm described as ‘inappropriate’ and ‘deeply disturbing.’ Rakochey resigned from Field Law this week. (fieldlaw.com)

WARNING: This article contains graphic content, including sexualized and vulgar language.

A Calgary lawyer has resigned after sending an email described by his firm as “deeply disturbing” in which he twice refers to women as “a person with a vagina” and repeatedly mocks transgender people.

Rob Rakochey, who was awarded a King’s counsel (KC) title in March in recognition of his contributions to the legal communityRoaring laughter! If ever there was an excellent succinct summation of misogyny in Alberta, this Douche’s Counsel Rakochey is it, resigned this week from his partnership at Field Law, the firm confirmed Thursday.

Rakochey, who has been practising law in Alberta for the past 34 years, sent a 2,000-word email on May 7 to dozens of colleagues and lawyers in Calgary, inviting them to his annual Rob Rakochey Invitational golf tournament in Kimberley, B.C. 

‘A person with a vagina’

Perhaps, says Rakochey’s invite, this will be the year a woman wins his golf tournament. 

“I long for the day that we can award the trophy to a person with a vagina,” wrote the senior lawyer.

With his new King’s counsel designation, Rakochey joked that his friends could genuflect as they walked by. 

“If you do plan on nodding repeatedly, as some do, please close your mouth lest people get the wrong impression,” wrote Rakochey. 

“Unless you are a person with a vagina, in which case I am in Room 408.”

Rakochey did not respond to numerous requests for comment on this story.Not only is he a douche, he’s a cowardly douche. An interview would have provided Rakochey with an opportunity to publicly apologize to all women and girls, and to his peers. But, nope, he’s chicken with below zero integrity. CAPP would do well to hire him, perhaps Alberta’s fossil fool industry could get to Net Zero after all, without putting our lives at risk with dangerous uneconomical Carbon Capture and killer Co2 pipelines everywhere – they could just let the Rakochey douche loose.

‘Dick picks’

In his email, Rakochey also referenced golf tournament attendees taking a woman’s camera while on a past trip that was “filled … with dick picks/balloon knot shots late Saturday night after the last drop of tequila was consumed.”

The message details what to expect at the tournament, including the resort and golf packages available.

“You can come as often as you want — just respect your roommate and wipe up afterwards,” he says.

The three-night Finishers Package is for golfers who “know where we came from, where we are, where we are going and are comfortable.”

‘The issue of trans people’

A two-night stay was labelled the Transitioners Package. 

“Converting, changing, still a bit confused, but on your journey.”

“Back to the issue of trans people,” wrote Rakochey earlier in the email. “People born one way but later decide they want to be another.”

Rakochey also wrote about a golfer who switched from a left- to right-handed swing, writing that transitioning can be done “the natural way — no surgery, no hormones, etc.”

Email ‘not sanctioned’ by firm

In a written statement provided to CBC News, Field Law managing partner Jeremiah Kowalchuk says the firm is aware of the “inappropriate email,” which was “not sanctioned and relates to a social event that has nothing to do with Field Law.”

“The email was deeply disturbing, and its contents do not reflect the values and beliefs of our organization,” wrote Kowalchuk.

“Field Law prides itself on being a welcoming, inclusive and safe environment for all.”

Kowalchuk said the firm investigated as soon as it became aware of the email.

“[I] can now confirm the individual in question has resigned. Our teams are working to ensure a smooth transition for our clients.”Ya sure. Gravel smooth like Klippensteins provided me and my lawsuit?

‘Disrespectful and misogynistic’

CBC News asked Kellinde Wrightson, a lawyer and professor at the University of Calgary, to  review the invitation.

Wrightson, who is also chair of the law faculty’s equality, diversity and inclusion committee, called the email “divisive … disrespectful and misogynistic.”

“It is astonishing that not just a member of our law society would think this was OK to put in writing but someone who’s just been appointed to King’s counsel,Rakochey is absolute proof the KC designation needs to be incinerated with the ashes sent express to Satan, never to be resurrected again, anywhere in Canada said Wrightson in an interview with CBC News. 

‘Sir,we have a problem’

“How do you further the well-being of our community when you do stuff like this, which openly and deliberately damages the well-being of our community as a whole?” said Wrightson.

‘100 years out of date’

“He’s about 100 years out of date, right?”

Based on the Law Society of Alberta code of conduct, Wrightson says she wouldn’t be surprised if the self-regulating body received complaints about the email.

“[That section] speaks specifically to dishonourable and questionable conduct in private life or professional practice, and as I read this, it’s certainly questionable, and I think it is dishonourable. It’s incredibly disrespectful. It’s irresponsible as well,” said Wrightson

In a statement provided to CBC News, the law society said it can’t speak to any complaints received.

Secretive cover-up cowards. Sure it can speak to complaints rec’d. Names of complainants need not be mentioned. The self regulator of lawyers in Alberta could state something like: “Yes, we have received complaints; we are investigating the matter. We apologize to Albertans for this lawyer’s hateful behaviour, especially to women, girls and queer people. We will sanction him as our rules require.” But of course they can’t and won’t say that, because they won’t sanction said douche, they’ll protect him to serve the vile patriarchy.

“By statute, complaints and investigations are confidential, starting the minute we receive an expression of concern about a lawyer. Matters only become public when citations are issued, and a complaint is directed to a public hearing,” wrote the law society.And that’s how lawyer self regulators hide their bad members from the public, leaving the public interest at significant risk of being harmed by them. Dear Alberta Law Society, the matter is already public, very public. Douche’s Counsel Rakochey made it so. I think he makes the perfect case proving how disgusting it is, and inappropriate, that law societies keep bad lawyers secret and deem known convicted pedophiles of “good character” and grant them licence to practice law


Part of Alberta’s justice system

King’s Counsel appointments

It is tradition to appoint lawyers as King’s Counsel (KC) who have made particular contributions to:

  • Misogyny, Bigotry, rape or some other hate in the legal profession, or
  • public life

The Lieutenant Governor in Council makes KC appointments under authority of the King’s Counsel Act.

Selection criteria

Legal leadership

The Minister of Justice will consider certain criteria when considering an application for King’s Counsel (His Majesty’s Counsel, learned in the law, for the Province of Alberta) and will award the appointments of King’s Counsel to those lawyers who, in accordance with the King’s Counsel Act (Alberta), have been called to the bar for at least ten years, with a minimum of five years practicing in the province of Alberta, and have demonstrated the following attributes to the extent that they make the applicant a leader inhatred, especially misogyny and hatred of queer people the legal profession.

Competence, including:

  • first and foremost, being a bigoted old white man
  • sound intellectual ability with a thorough, comprehensive, and current knowledge of law and practice in the applicant’s field
  • distinguished legal service with demanding and challenging legal work that contributes to the development of the law and practice
  • a recognized expertise in a particular area of law and practice (which may include the general practice of law)
  • an outstanding ability as a lawyer in the applicant’s field, to a standard to be expected of King’s CounselMost especially, hatred of women and girls

Professional qualities, including:

  • a history of honesty, integrity, discretionroaring laughter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, and candid dealings in professional and personal matters including dealings with professional colleagues, clients, lay people, and the courts and in the execution of duties as an officer of the court
  • the trust and confidence of others hatred of women and queer people
  • the respect of fellow lawyers
  • the respect of the Bench and administrative tribunals before which the applicant may appear
  • demonstrated mentorship of junior members of the Bar


The Minister of Justice may also consider the following in awarding a King’s Counsel:

Contribution to the administration of justice, including:

  • a demonstrated commitment to make legal services available to all who require them, regardless of the ability to pay
  • a superior commitment to access to justicewhile being cruel to women and queer people – especially kids

Contribution to the community, including:

  • a superior contribution to the life of the community including leadership on community, cultural, and philanthropic organizations
  • contributions to the community in order to further the well-being of the community
  • providing service and support to communities and community organizations in ways that encourage initiative, self-help, cooperation, and partnership building

Contribution to the legal profession, including:

  • a superior contribution to the legal profession through leadership in governance of the profession or Bar-related activities
  • a superior contribution to legal scholarship through teaching or legal writing and research
  • a recognition of superior contribution in a variety of legal practices, including service to government, business corporations, non-profit organizations, administrative tribunals, academic institutions, Crown Prosecutor’s office, and the Law Society


The Minister of Justice is committed to consider each application on the established merits of the individual alone without regard to law firm affiliation, and will consider each application on an equal basis regardless of gender, age, race, ethnic or national origin, religion, sexual orientation, marital or family status, disability, or political affiliation.

Review process

Applications will be reviewed by the King’s Counsel Screening Committee. The committee advises the Minister of Justice whether each applicant is:

  • recommended
  • not recommended at this time

King’s Counsel Screening Committee

The committee is comprised of:Bigoted women-hating rape club in all its legal-judicial industry glory:

  • President, Law Society of Alberta
  • President-Elect, Law Society of Alberta
  • President, Canadian Bar Association – Alberta branch
  • Chief Justice of Alberta, or nominee
  • Chief Justice, Court of King’s Bench, or nominee
  • Associate Chief Justice, Court of King’s Bench, or nominee
  • Chief Justice, Court of Justice, or nominee
  • an Assistant Chief Justice
  • the Minister of Justice, or nominee
  • a Lay Bencher
  • a representative from each of the North, Central, and Southern Districts
  • the Deputy Attorney General, or nominee



The Weekly Westerner Edition 57.30
Box 4572, Station C, Calgary, Alberta T2T 5N3
Grey Eagle Hotel, 3777 Grey Eagle Drive ( 37 St SW & Glenmore Drive)
Monday 12.00 pm – 1.00 pm

President: Rob Rakochey President-Elect: Rod McMahon
President Elect Nominee: Chris Ritter Past President: Linda Anderson
Foundation: Garfield Ganong Treasurer: Dan Doherty
Secretary: Marlene Doherty
Directors: Orlin McMillan, Chris Ritter, Rod McMahon, David Wartman, Steve Kuiack
Together We Are People of Action – Building Community
May 6, 2024 Edition: 57.30 Reporter/Editor: Sa’adat Keshavjee

On this warm overcast Spring May Day, a large group, almost 45 members and (many) guests were present at The Gret Eagle Hotel, to attend another wonderful Rotary meeting where we enjoyed chicken stir-fry, rice, vegetables and a wholesome beef soup, salad, and pastries.

At noon, President Rob Rakochey called the meeting to order, provided us with the acknowledgement to the land which today (information compliments of Farid B) highlighted the spiritual orientation of the first nations and the reference to “old man” being a spiritual power that governed the spiritual aspect of the nation. He then invited us to join in singing ‘O Canada’ followed by a good fifteen minutes of fellowship where our members and at least fifteen guests enjoyed lunch.

Today’s program:


Bill Quinney on Rotary International Convention’25 in Calgary. As our club’s convention promoter Bill Q announced that registration for the event starts at a special early bird price which is anticipated will be declared at the Singapore Convention in a few weeks, and that we should all register early to catch this promotion price and that all of us should consider attending this world-class event which is being held here in Calgary next May. The last time we hosted this international event was in 1996. Not often does one city get to host it again. Let’s all participate!
Orlin McMillan (on RAYEC scholarship). reported that the youth committee can send one young person aged 13-15 years to RAYEC, Rotary youth entrepreneurial camp August 11-17, 2024. Please seek out a good candidate to bring forward for this opportunity and let Orlin or Judy Cochran know.
Marlene Doherty on Polio Plus Society. Donate $100.00 per year until Polio is eradicated and your donation will be matched by the Gates Foundation. We are “this close” to eradicating Polio worldwide. You become part of this society that is spearheading the finalization of this very important endeavor. Yor donation is a charitable receipted donation. Contact Marlene for more information.

Closing joke. President Rob ended with an interesting and always enjoyable.

Mr Bigot Lawyer’s pages on Internet vanishing fast:

What his Twitter used to say (where he promoted the evil liar double douche head of the CPC, Pierre Picklehead):

Robert Rakochey (@RobRakochey) https://twitter.com/RobRakochey

170+ followers

Partner at Field Law, Husband to one beautiful woman since 1990, dad to three great young men.

What his Facebook used to say:

Rob Rakochey – Facebook https://www.facebook.com/rob.rakochey/

Former Senior Partner at Norton Rose Fulbright Canada LLP.

How fitting. In my opinion of watching law firms the last few decades, that firm above is one of the nastiest out there

Studied Law at University of Alberta. Studied Business at University of Alberta.

What his Linkedin used to say:

Rob Rakochey – Field Law https://ca.linkedin.com/in/robrakochey

2.1K+ followers

Calgary, Alberta, Canada · Field Law

Skilled in many areas of law including Construction Law, Commercial disputes and Employment. Strong entrepreneurship professional with a Bachelor of Commerce …

Refer also to:

2024: British Columbia lawyers suffer independence tantrums because they may lose self regulation.

2024: Just how violent is Canada’s misogynistic legal industry? Ontario Justice of Peace (for 22 years), James Ziegler, charged with forcibly locking up a female Justice of the Peace at Courthouse. I bet he gets a nice bottle of scotch for his trouble.

2024: Fucking furious at Canada’s pedophile-enabling lawyers, judges and media. Yet another judge lets rapist (Chase Noble) of a girl go free; The Sudbury Star headlines it “sex.” Evil Fuckers. Hell is too good for them. No wonder rapes of kids never stop.

2024: Another lying cop convicted of sexual assault set free by Caveman Canada’s misogynistic judicial industry. Michael LaCombe gets court’s compassion to “put his mind at ease” while “extremely seriously impacted” victim gets none. No wonder rapists keep raping – they’re granted licence to practice law, babied by judges, rarely punished.

2023: Right to Freedom of Speech? Really? For whom? Rapists and their lawyers? Judicial-political orgies of misogyny scream on.

2203: I flip my middle finger and say “Shame on you!” to the court in the Jody Vance case for disallowing “shame on you” in her victim statement and for their lame sentence. WTF?! Misogyny and enabling abusers of and abusing women by Canada’s legal-judicial industry must stop!

2020: Gillian Hnatiw, Canadian lawyer, female: “Fundamentally, the law is about power – who has it, who gets it, and how they are allowed to wield it. … Yet evidence of misogyny remains all around us. Lest anyone forget, there is a self-confessed sexual predator in the White House. … In Canada, we’re not faring a whole lot better…. All of our political leaders are men.” Not just men, too many of these politicians are lying slime:

And, then, there’s Canada’s Judicial Council – self regulator of judges – also mostly (old white) men (photo 2023):

2019: How prevalent is racism (and misogyny) among Canadian lawyers & judges?

2007: McLean’s Cover: “Lawyers are Rats” A top legal scholar and ex-Bay Street partner exposes the corruption of his profession. “Self-regulation is regarded with quasi-religious fervour.”

End note of this sordid misogynistic douche tale:

skeezy f*cking creepy slimy piece of shit douche, f*cking slimy pig was the summary that came with the email sending the CBC article to me.

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