Hahahaha shitza ha! Alberta Minister of Justice proves me wrong, revokes Douche’s Counsel (KC) for loudmouthed bigot misogynistic lawyer Rob Rakochey, formerly partner with Field Law, before that, senior partner, Norton Rose Fulbright.

That’s the fastest I’ve seen “justice” happen anywhere. Now remove KC for Tyler Shandro, Kaycee Madu, Jonathan Denis, etc. etc. etc. etc.

So, “justice” can be served in a timely manner, when the powerful want it.

I’ll be howling laughing about this platter of justice for the rest of my days, even if it’s fake (I expect Rakochey will be titled KC again, soon as Albertans forget, or TBA’s David Parker appoints him Smith’s Chief of Staff or private pastor or creepy counsel religious something or other for youth).

O.C. 123/2024


May 23, 2024

The Lieutenant Governor in Council

1 revokes the appointment during pleasure of Robert Allen Rakochey as a provincial officer under the name of “His Majesty’s Counsel, learned in the law, for the Province of Alberta” and recalls the letters patent issued under the Great Seal of the Province with respect to the said appointment;

2 amends Order in Council numbered O.C. 54/2024 in the Appendix by striking out “RAKOCHEY, Robert Allen”.

For Information only

Recommended by: Minister of Justice

Authority: King’s Counsel Act
(section 1)


Lisha // eat the rich //@lishisawesome May 18, 2024:

Field Law assigned my Mom to the worst lawyer in the firm to try and get her to quit so they could hire a younger secretary. She fought, and they ended up paying her LTD until she turned 65. They only fired this dude cuz this went public.

Laurie W #ABResistance@LDW95933033:

Oh for sure! Bad behaviour doesn’t just happen, it is tolerated and most likely condoned.

Lisha // eat the rich //@lishisawesome:

I’m just so proud of my Mom for not going down without a fight b/c she wasn’t the first, and unfortunately probably not the last.I’m proud of her too! Your mom’s an excellent role model for youth today, not this sleazy cowardly douche Rakochey and his ilk widespread across Canadian law firms, self regulators and courts.

Carol Potter@intell59:

I would think that perhaps the @LawSocietyofAB should look at every single lawyer at that firm.Alberta’s self regulator of lawyers won’t. That’s not what they do, if anything, they’ll be sure to look the other way now.@FieldLaw needs to clean house.

Donna Winter@oct63chick:

Many professional firms have the same vulgar, chauvinistic mindset. Personal experience. They get caught and it’s boys will be boys. Payoffs are NDA

Andy Campbell@fredcityandy:

Should @YourAlberta not be stripping him of his KC title too?
Any way to remove him from the bar?
What a piece of work.

Gray Skunk@DracoOragami:

If they did, it would be a first. There are several that got KC after abhorrent behavior, never mind when they already had it. It’s not a meritocracy in the majority of cases. Until the legal community rejects versus uplifts this behavior, things won’t change.


His misogyny and racism was always known.

Penny n’Kid@pennynk1948:

To send that email to large group of ppl using Firm’s email, he had to believe he was safe & untouchable. That fact speaks to culture of Firm & in legal community. If Field Law cares about reputation and wants to clean house, they should start by looking at “recipients” of email.


This guys and Jonathan Denis are both KCs. UCP picking only the best.


He has just had his KC Appointment revoked by the government at least. Doesn’t change anything about this guy, but knowing how disappointed he will be makes me happy. His career ends in shame.Sadly, the douche’s legal career will take off after this. Canada is rape country, needs lots of dirty misogynistic lawyers and judges.


A lawyer with the mental maturity of an obnoxious 13 yr. Bet he thought he was the funniest guy in the office.


This story is really about the KC selection committee.

KC’s aresupposedly held to a higher standard of conduct against which Rob Rakochey lasted a mere instant.

And it’s not because he recently metamorphosized into someone else.


Ummmm yes he is, he is a UCP party donor, never mind the fact that he has been sending these emails for years (since his Macleod Dixon days) someone finally just reported it.

Charles Rusnell@charlesrusnell:

Never seen this before. UCP govt acts immediately to revoke KC designation for Calgary lawyer Robert Rackochey who sent grossly misogynistic email, as first reported by @CBCMeg https://cbc.ca/news/canada/ca

Native Calgarian Podcast she/her/cis@N8V_Calgarian:

He must have fell out of favour because normally that behaviour seems fine to the UCP. Ask Sean Chu.

Derek Raymaker@draymaker:

To call Rob Rakochey misogynistic & bigoted is like calling Charles Manson a petty criminal. @LawSocietyofAB should put him through the full wringer, starting with reaching out to his women colleagues.I highly doubt the misogynistic self regulator of misogynistic bigoted lawyers in Alberta would ever do that, but, I’ve been proven wrong before, I’d LOVE to be proven wrong again!

mick scrivener@realscrivinTO:

another ‘pillar of the community’ reveals himself to actually be a lump of dead misogynistic grey matter on 2 rather rotund legs.

what a fucking piece of shit. anybody wanna bet he is a financial supporter of @alberta_UCP?

all the best people…

Tom Engel@TomEngel18:

Yet another reason to abolish this title. It would be worthwhile to research his @Alberta_UCP donations and ties.


lol field law are the same creeps representing @hullcalgary in one of the many cases where 14 yr olds and 25 olds were allowed to do more then dance !

Chantelle Robinson@ChanLRobinson:

This guy is one sick fool. …
#vulgar #misognynistic #dishonourable #RobRakochey

Grizzly North @Doug52502358:

WTF Alberta what were you thinking @RobRakochey

Canadian Femicide Observatory@CAN_Femicide:

Refer also to:

2024 05 21: Misogyny Rules the Law: Newly crowned King’s Counsel, KC (aka Douche’s Counsel, DC), Calgary lawyer Rob Rakochey, skeezy f*cking creepy slimy piece of shit douche, f*cking slimy pig resigns from Field Law where he was *partner* (was *Senior Partner* at Norton Rose Fulbright Canada LLP; I expect both firms knew of DC’s bigotry/misogyny, Alberta KC Screening Committee too). I bet UCP, TBA, CAPP, CPC, Harper-led IDU and or Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms will hire him in a flash, and or Rakochey, DC will be made Douche Judge, Court of King’s Bench.

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