Medieval Conservatives: Alberta removes sexist slave title of “master” from court but not superiority titles of m’lord, his lordship and m’lady, her ladyship.

Zack M. Elias@EliasCrimLaw:

But we are still good with My Lord and My Lady?

Jonny Wakefield@jonnywakefield:

Interesting: Alberta courts are doing away with the title Masters in Chambers, on the grounds the term is outdated and sexist.

J.L.Petrie@Jlpetrie64 Replying to @jonnywakefield:

Thought it was weird/outdated 30 years ago when I started in the profession. Referring to another lawyer (usually male back then) as “Master” creeped me out. I don’t like having to say “M’Lord” and “M’Lady” either. Time to change this too, & robing.

Court of Queen’s Bench of Alberta@QB_Alberta Aug 30, 2022:

On September 1, the title of Master in Chambers at #ABQB changes to Applications Judge. For more on this change and the importance of inclusive language in our Justice System, see the video featuring Chief Justice Moreau and Applications Judge Birkett:

Refer also to:

Amazing! BC Court of Appeal and BC Supreme Court move into the present, announcing: “The use of the terms ‘My Lord’, ‘My Lady’, ‘Your Lordship’, and ‘Your Ladyship’ is to be avoided.” Will Alberta Courts vacate the cave next? I doubt it.

Lawyer Jay Michi: “It is high time BC abandon the archaic ‘My Lord and My Lady’ vernacular” for judges. Alberta too! It’s belittling to the citizenry that pays their way.

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