Lyin’ Brian Bags-o-Cash Mulroney: Racist genocide-enabler divisive cruel crooked lawyer bribe-taking white man abuser of Indigenous Peoples and civil rights, sold Canadians out serving USA and the rich via NAFTA, dead at 84.

It’s horrific that Canada will give a crook a state funeral. Just more propaganda to con Canadians. Mulroney betrayed Indigenous peoples with his hateful racism and violence, and betrayed ordinary Canadians with NAFTA to serve the rich, USA and his evil ilk.

That funeral money needs to be sent to Palestine instead, or used to work towards stopping Israel’s genocide and Canada’s genocide here against our Indigenous.

Shame on Racist Canada and Racist Mulroney, forever.

I despised the hideous inhumane man before he conned Canadians (like Harper did) becoming PM, while was PM, and every day afterwards. I’ll despise him and his cruelty to the day I die. Unforgivable harmful creep.

And shame on all the fake condolences and grief smeared on the faces of the rich and famous, pretending to give a shit while only caring that they got richer off a dirty old white man.

Dead at 84 and the rich grieve his loss. What about the many Indigenous kids dying before they grew up because of white supremacist genocides?

Canadian families are struggling to feed their kids and pay rent, and our foolish politicos waste money glorifying a sinister genocidal crook.

Hypocrite Canada.


Brian Mulroney, one of Canada’s most divisive prime ministers, dead at 84 by
The Canadian Press February 29, 2024


Establishment Runaway@EstablishmentR3:

Life being snuffed out in front of their eyes and they couldn’t care less who is appalled by their indifference. Now who is expecting these very same people to deal with global heating where it’s not being snuffed out in plain sight?


Scott Martin (Pinko Punko)@YouCaughtScott:

All you need to know about Brian Mulroney is he sent the military into Kanesatake to crush Indigenous people as they rightly pushed back settler land theft. Fuck him.


Hearing news Canada’s former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney is dead. He will forever be remembered by Indigenous people as the monster who was Prime Minister when Canada deployed the largest military force to ever confront Indigenous people in the history of North America.

… The Mohawks were defending their burial ground from Oka Town Council who wanted to extend their municipal golf course.

The Mohawks stopped Oka Town Council from extending their municipal golf course onto their burial ground. They didn’t “lose.”

Fuck Trudeau@JShap6973:

Don’t worry white people are disgusted by him also my friend.


A reminder that the Oka Crisis didn’t just affect the Mohawk Nation, but all Indigenous nations. If the Canadian Army started shooting during Oka it would have started a civil war right across Canada. #BrianMulroney #cdnpoli

Matt Britton 23-28-9@MysticZephyr76:

This image is burned into my consciousness

@waneekhm and her sister @kaniehtiio



Should never have happened. That land belonged to the First Nation’s from the start.

What a complete mess. So much wrong has been done to your people in the name of state and church.


Today all the sycophantic politicians and the “monied” class who benefited the most, will laud him like the hypocrites that they all are.

Pamela Ross@plrsTweet:

one of the most out of touch obnoxious things the federal cons did. Harper was even worse. Bottom line, cons suck, provincially and federally.

Matthew Behrens@MatthewBehren11:

As old white people trot out old white people colonial memories of the violent Brian Mulroney, I recall his armed invasions of Indigenous territories, from Nitassinan (destroying Innu homeland to conduct NATO war training) to Kanesatake and Kahnawake.

I think of @EllenGabriel1 & women land defenders on the front lines who faced down more heavily weaponized Canadian armed forces and SQ than were sent for the 1991 war against the people of Iraq. Gabriel’s new film Kanatenhs – When The Pine Needles Fall, documents the role of the women land defenders.

Mulroney sold weapons to South Africa & other brutal human rights abusers. He revered the two brutal leaders of the US and UK whose austerity and militarism defined the 80s and much of our currently degraded reality, the terrorists known as Reagan and Thatcher.

In 1988, a group of us put the G7 leaders on trial for war crimes and crimes against humanity, bringing in experts from around the world to testify about those crimes. Over 200 of us were busted for trying to make citizen’s arrests of Mulroney and his Gang of terror.

His love of corporate profit led to a devastating “free trade” regime. His private life after leaving politics was one of utter subservience to the war against the poor on behalf of the wealthy.

Joy Henderson@Joyhenderson78:

Brian Mulroney led efforts to end apartheid in South Africa????

No the fuck he did not Olivia. Black folks did.

Jesus Fucking baldheaded gay Christ on a pogostick.

I was just a kid, but even then I knew he didn’t give a fig about anyone not rich and white

Man literally sold weapons to apartheid South Africa

… Didn’t you hear? According to all Canadian politicians today, Brian Mulroney single handedly led the movement to topple apartheid in South Africa.



… Mulroney was the reason my parents, from a long line of Cons supporters, never voted Con again


Kneecapping unions, rolling back decades of social progression, backing trickle down, Reaganomics? Fuck him, TBH.

Just because he sang “When Irish Eyes are Smiling” with that fuck Reagan doesn’t put him in my good books.


Sean Carleton@SeanCarleton:

Mulroney loved Canada so much that he sent in the army to end the 1990 Mohawk resistance, defending the right of settlers to build a golf course and condos over an Indigenous cemetery. That’s how much he loved Canada aka capitalist accumulation by colonial dispossession.

Erica Ifill@wickdchiq

All this “Brian Mulroney led the effort to stop SA Apartheid” is liberal claptrap. This erases ALL of the work Black people AROUND THE WORLD did to end that regime. Y’all love erasing Black people for your great white hope.

Also Canadian sanctions were some of the weakest

Let’s not forget about Oka

The Weasel and the Jerboa@WeaselandJerboa:

Rotten Canadian politicians will say and do anything to cover up for the big stuffed envelopes of cash and give this guy some sort of legacy, when he had none, except for his murky dealings and shady lobbying.


Hated the filth back then… glad to see he’s gone. The world is just a touch better now.

Bothered BoyBack on my Bullsh*t @BotheredBoy:

Brian Mulroney was one of the worst Prime Ministers in Canadian history. His neoliberal economic policies and domestic policy irrevocably damaged Canada and nearly tore it apart. So many of our modern problems start with him.

I’m glad he’s dead. Nothing of value was lost today.


Oh cool y’all have a Reagan too


Thankfully, he died today. But yeah, he and Reagan got along like a house on fire.

It’s remarkable how Mulroney, Reagan and Thatcher were all in power at the same time, and so many problems in all 3 countries can be traced back to them.all three were incredibly cruel and abusive to ordinary citizens while serving the rich.


To be happy about someone’s death is disgusting.



I confess I don’t know much about Mulroney’s time in office besides the fact he was PM during Oka, and that’s bad enough as it is. The Thatcher comparisons I’ve seen are interesting however, and we know what one lovely Scottish lady said of that woman.

“I’d put a take through her heart and garlic around her neck to make sure she never comes back.”

F*ck Capitalism @emmanuelmousse1:

He literally also murdered queer ppl en masse like Reagan. The fact he doesn’t have a similar reputation among the general public is honestly testament to how ignored queer history is in Canada

Roger (Airbus Scandal) a socialist.@Rogpod13:

I get offering personal condolences. Especially if they knew the departed. But scrubbing the political history is revisionist nonsense


He ignored the AIDS crisis for the first 5 years of his leadership, allowing gay Canadians to die en masse while his party vilified them.

David Drover@IslandDrover:

Airbus… Meech Lake Accord … NAFTA…. I was waiting for the day after to say that. It never ceases to amaze when people go it’s like they were saints and all is forgotten and forgiven!! And btw he’s the first PM I ever heard dropping F-bombs on those leaked tapes soooo…I will never forgive or forget Mulroney’s and Harper’s crimes and hatred against ordinary Canadians and our country, and their love and bending over for the rich and USA (and Harper for China, notably him betraying us with his secret decades long trade deal).

Dave Gray-Donald@dgrdon:

Mulroney brought Canada into the neoliberal era, privatizing industries, deregulating, cutting taxes, attacking labour and overseeing an incredible transfer of wealth to the rich.

Many wealthy people liked Mulroney, so they’re going to celebrate him and rehabilitate his image.

In the 1984 election, Mulroney told his party not to make oil and energy policy part of the campaign, it being controversial. They won, then immediately dismantled the National Energy Program, giving private industry everything they wanted. Then worked on privatizing Petro-Canada

It’s Jamie@SjamieIt:

Remember when Brian Mulroney sold off all our shit for a quick buck?

He privatized 23 out of 61 crown corporations including Air Canada, Petro Canada, and Connaught Laboratories, among many others.

Alberta You See Pee @youseepeeYYC:

Mike Dunn@bymichaeldunn:

It’s infuriating that public money paid to set up all of these Crown Corps and then we allowed governments to just sell it all off. We could have demanded long term royalties from these sales as conditions for being the original investors.

Shortsighted focus on quick bag for self and theirs, and give away to rich pals. Disgusting and in my view, criminal. Mulroney and Harper belong behind bars, not glorified. Give Mulroney a funeral in prison.


well, like Harper, Mulroney did say Canada would be different when he was done with it. They were both right.

i remember when he pushed for the free trade agreement with the USA, i was one of many strongly opposed. i remember saying to whoever would listen that it made no sense.

Canada was much stronger economically than the States. the State was not doing well. It made no sense.Yes, it did, for the USA, corporations and the rich. Beast Mulroney didn’t serve Canada or Canadians who paid his way, he served the destructive cruel polluting rich. Harper just took over the destruction where Mulroney left off. Vile men, serving America and Israel on our dime, resources, environment, health and wellbeing.


Some of those probably always belonged in private hands. Connaught, OK, but do we really need a government running an airline or gas stations? If a govt. is too focused on success in running their businesses, then their eye is no longer on the business of government.

It’s Jamie@SjamieIt:

You only need to look to Norway to see what we missed out on with a state-owned energy company.


And still managed to run huge deficits — due to huge tax breaks for the wealthy and corporations.

Sunil Sarwal@SunilSarwal:

So many of the reasons our lives are worse than those of our parents lie at the feet of this man.


He privatized everything he could get his greasy hands on and gave us the Oligarchy. He can rest in….never mind

G McThink@redsnoopy69;

The Great Canadian sell-off started with Brian Mulroney…


Yup & Harper continued it in a big way!

MyFirstSocialMediaAccount @MyFirstSocialM2:

He, Thatcher and Reagan also started this trickle down BS. I’m really not getting all the accolades he’s getting.He was a rich old racist white ass

Toucan BoHunk @rink7465:


always mindboggling to me that the railways were sold off to private hands. vital transport infrastructure not being nationalized irks me

Roger Moss@RogerMoss167583:

I think it is fair that many of the tributes are about his style being courteous, kind etc. to friend or foe. In that I fully agree. Selling off the family silver was conservative policy widely followed in the west. cf UK. Mr Harper continued it in the disposal of the Wheat BoardTo the Saudis. With escalating war, greed, the hideousness of humanity destroying crops/harvests and climate change destroying earth’s ability to reliably grow crops, Harper gave away a Canadian treasure trove for next to nothing as the greedy prairie idiots cheered (to their loss).


…and federal office buildings, and AECL reactor devision to SNC, and the GM shares, and, and, and…


He set the course , the catalyst, of all exacerbated problems we’ve been handed ever since.


I never forgave him for NAFTA.


Ruined Canada

Scientist & N95 #DavosSafe @ickiestvicki:

The rest of us know how his policies harmed our families & communities, to this very day.


To me, Mulroney’s legacy was the GST, which made the struggles of the lower classes 7% harder almost overnight.


He wasn’t called Lyin’ Brian for nothing.

Categorial Failure@Categorical_F:

What an awful awful man. I do hope hell exists sometimes.

‘Sir,we have a problem’

I never saw anything honourable in money-grubbing Mulroney. He was just another lying lawyer.


They also falsely portraying him as a champion against South Africa’s Apartheid,alll over twitter, almost to have us forget Canada’s support 4 genocidal Apartheid Israel today.We must remind them of a thing called history they keep whitewashing

The Crown is wrong to portray Canada as an ally of the anti-apartheid movement in South Africa

Mulroney’s Pivot

But by the mid-1980s, the writing was on the wall. Black South Africans were in open revolt, Rhodesia had fallen, Angola and Mozambique were free and Namibian resistance to South African control was growing. World opinion had turned hard against Apartheid, even in the west, where civil society opposition reached a fever pitch.

This was crucial to Canada shifting its position. As Chris Webb details, it was the explosion of anti-Apartheid activism in Canada in the 1980s (and the hurling of a ceremonial mace at the South African ambassador!) that forced the Canadian government to rethink its approach.

In 1986, the Mulroney government made the canny decision to briefly switch sides, winning praise for its moral conviction. Though Canada had long called Nelson Mandela’s ANC a “terrorist” group, it now publicly joined the campaign of sanctions against Apartheid and met with ANC leaders to lecture them about the ills of communism and the importance of free trade.

Even still, Canadian sanctions against the Apartheid state were among the weakest of any country. Across seven years of sanctions, Canadian trade with South Africa still totaled $1.6 billion. All the while, Canada leveraged its new position to lobby the ANC to move away from its socialist roots and become a “safe” capitalist party to inherit post-Apartheid South Africa.

Robert Jago@rjjago:

I was in high school that year, and had zero white friends by September.

Doug Delamatter@dougdela:

Oka was my first experience (as a settler) to wholesale domestic propaganda ( govt, media, military) misrepresenting a situation for short-term gain. Sadly, it wasn’t my last. #SadderAndWiser


This is his real legacy – land theft and corporate servitude.

Mr Savage@MrSavage9:

BrianMulroney, permanently evaded investigation and trial today, for his part in the #genocidal #FirstNations #ResidentialSchools. His party though, the #Conservatives lives on, and continues to also evade investigation and trial. #donotforgivedonotforget #NeverVoteConservative


Brian Mulroney was a crook

Raymond Cormier@Raymond09088735:

He was a thief when he was CrimeMinister, and got away with it! And he still bad for this country!!


Mulroney….yes, I did take an envelope of cash from an arms dealer…..that Mulroney?

Reasonable Canadian@noconvoys:

I see all the eulogizing of Brian Mulroney and what a great servant of Canada he was. But I can’t stop thinking about him taking $300k in cash in brown envelopes in a hotel room from a shady German arms dealer, and the public let him get away with it!


Brown-bagger mulroney was a scumbag and proven liar. Tried a 10 million court case ……. Just another prostitician …

Sandra Prudames@sprudames4000:

Not surprised corrupt greasy operator !

Abla Abdelhadi @AblaAbdelhadi76:

Canadian colonizers! I was in high-school on Algonquin Territory in 1990 and they never mentioned the military’s attack on Indigenous peoples on their own land. I learned about from an Indigenous friend much later!! Actually as a Palestinian/Jordanian immigrant I didn’t really know I was a Settler on stolen land till University!!!

Lori King@1loriking:

told kidzilla (12) mulroney passed away, his response was, wonder how Raeside will draw it…. parents, forget pornography, real way to twist your kids is hook em on political cartoonists cc @deAdderCanada @TheoMoudakis

My kid learned about mulroney not via textbook, but Raeside

SHIMJELLY Jim@shimjelly:

A super brown bag crook that sold Canada.


Brought in GST and the then he sued Canada for $50 million.when he ought to have been tossed in prison Such a legacy

John Stone@EramosaStone:

He still owes Canadians 2.1 million + interest + inflation for the airbus lies. @CanRevAgency
gave him a sweetheart deal after he admitted to hiding $200k+ for over 5 years. Rev can gives him NO PENALTY & ONLY TAXES HIM ON 50% of hidden cash?!?!?!

Raymond Cormier@Raymond09088735:

He was a thief!


a criminal, hope it’s not too hot down there.


Good riddance he was a piece of shit

Christopher Montgomery @Christo62423019:

He sure locked up the iron ore out of Canada. Then brought in free trade agreement including the iron ore fom the company he was president of before becoming PM also barrack gold etc. Crook indeed..


Brian Mulroney also sold off a massive amount of Canada’s gold bullion res erves that backed up our dollar & debt.Right after that,he went to work as a director for Barrick Gold in 1993. Canada is the only G7 & G20 country with ZERO bullion reserves. It’s a RED FLAG cons worship the twat.

Jill Knows@knows_jill:

Never Forget:
The conservative Fascists of today were fathered by the corporate Fascists of yesterday’s trickle-down economics! Ronald Reagan, Brian Mulroney, and Margaret Thatcher’s trickle-down economics are why Canada is losing its universal healthcare.

Dennis Raphael@DennisRaphael01:

Duncan Kinney@duncankinney:

mulroney, like all canadian prime ministers, was an irredeemably evil and compromised person who made our lives much, much worse.

John B @bernie8859:

The leaf should have two rips in it. One to represent the Bloc Québécois, and one to represent the Reform Party. That’s the bitter legacy of that man. It outweighs any good he may have done.

Eaton Hamilton@eatonhamilton:

Terrible man.


Can’t stand this bollocks revisionist history. It is interesting to see people like Bob Rae and Shela Copps had such close and admiring relationships with him though. Birds of a feather.

Ancient Biden @JoeBuchanan7:

Mulroney is slime

Paulus Ar@PaulusAr:

Saddled Canadians with the GST then went to live in Florida.

Canada has fallen@TheYetiKnowswhy:

Sold us all out!

Silver Soarer@AnooseBallzy:

Traitorous scumbag


It turns out he was dead wrong about free trade – which destroyed our domestic finishing businesses and exported our jobs

I think he was dead right about NAFTA. In my view Canada-hating Mulroney, like Harper, served USA and corporations, not Canada or Canadians; he knew well he was destroying trade for Canada and wiping out jobs for Canadians.

govt.exe is corrupt@govt_corrupt:

He brought us NAFTA. Destroyed the Canadian Economy!

Jayme Knyx@JaymeKnyx:

He was a total idiot


Got that right !!! Unforgivable!!! Not to mention his paper bags full of cash for Airbus …


I had him pegged when I went to a paid dinner and everything he spewed was total BS before he got elected. He sold us out to the globalist and since many family owned businesses have closed. Now there’s no real competition when they exert their power.

Dana Larsen@DanaLarsen:

In 1985 Brian Mulroney passed a harsh law criminalizing bongs, pipes, grow books & High Times magazine etc.

There were many police raids – hundreds of shops were shut down across Canada.

After Trudeau legalized, Mulroney immediately cashed in on the board of a cannabis corp.

Grow your own@awesomesound1:

Mulroney received over $13 million for his role as a director at Acreage Holdings

Comrade Brucie Free Palestine Love is love. @Left_handed_mug:

Rest in piss, Brian.

Jagmeet Singh’s Hypocrisy@singh_hypocrisy:

Former PM Brian Mulroney once gave me a piece of advice I’ll never forget.

“Rule this country against the people’s will and do it for the pension.” – Brian Mulroney

Athanasios Stoukas@StoukasTom:

Mulroney was a globalist and he did his part to bring Canada to the disaster it is today.

William Campbell@cam82924:

Free Trade killed everything…And devastated so many ordinary Canadian families with job losses, causing decades of hardship and harm still ongoing for many.


He is just another globalist scum.

stan ellis@StanEllis1234:

he was run out of office because of his globalist corruption

Heather Ross@heatheremross:

Mulroney was vile. I don’t remember civility then

SHIMJELLY Jim@shimjelly:

RIP Brian Mulroney. Translate RIP – ROT IN PERPETUITY

Emma Jackson@EmmaJackson57:

Of course Canada would delay debate on the NDP’s motion calling for a ceasefire, arms embargo, and recognition of the state of Palestine while civilians are being starved, and gunned down and run over by tanks in the streets because…. Brian Mulroney died.

Zionism is Genocide. There’s nothing honourable supporting / enabling Zionism:

Yves Engler@EnglerYves:

“I am the heir of the rich spiritual and cultural legacy of Israel, which is the core of Western civilization. I have admired modern Israel in the way one admires a miracle.” Brian Mulroney, 1988 Israel bond dinner

“Israel is more than just a country, it is the embodiment of the spiritual values that have shaped Western civilization” Brian Mulroney 1993

Long short longshort78:

Did he accept bribes from Isreal as well? Let’s not forget he was definitely open to $ for favours

2019 03 26: Brian Mulroney Remains Devoted Supporter of Jewish Community and Israel
Brian Mulroney speaks to a jam-packed audience at Le Centre Sheraton in Montreal
by Mike Cohen, (Genocidal) B’nai Brith

… Mulroney turned 80 a few days ago, but he still knows how to work a crowd. In the VIP room before the high-profile luncheon attended by more than 600 people at Le Centre Sheraton, I was among the lucky ones to get to briefly chat with him as he shook hands with guests. I personally thanked him for all the support he gave the Jewish community and the State of Israel during his nine years as Prime Minister. …

David Bush @DBrabblerouser:

Brian Mulroney was a ghoul.

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