Frac’ing Beautiful British Columbia: No regard for community, family, farms, wildlife; No Environmental or Cumulative Impact Assessments; No care for water or the lives of others, just spin, lies & broken promises; Premier John Horgan, his Dancing NDPipers and OGC heed demands of multinational corporate polluting abusers while ignoring the environment and harmed.

Comment by a citizen in New York State:

It’s all one continent, it’s all one world, I know many of us in the US stand with you. 

Frac’ers are never satisfied; they always demand more wells, more facilities, more deregulation, more billions in subsidies and freebies as they lose more billions for investors and cause more harm upon harm.

Hellish infrastructure and expansion as far as the eye can see.

“What regulation or law fixes this?” (Hint: None, other than criminalizing frac’ing.)


Votes for Horgan and his NDP = increases frac harms to the harmed in NEBC.


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