Listen to George Bender’s Story by O’Shea featuring Bob Hirst (Midnight Oil): The truth walks slowly (in the countryside). “His heart’s as empty as his water tank.”

The truth walks slowly in the countryside by O’Shea featuring Bob Hirst, April 25, 2016

His heart’s as empty as his water tank.

You may have heard about some of the issues that coal seam gas mining is causing in the Condamine River and surrounding areas where I grew up in Australia. You may not have heard about the devastating emotional and human toll it’s taking on some of our farmers. We’re honored to have worked with Helen Bender – George Bender on the video for our collaboration with Rob Hirst (of Midnight Oil), The Truth Walks Slowly (In The Countryside) and hope after watching you feel as shocked and outraged as we do.

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Dedicated to Australian farmer’s rights advocate, George Bender and his fight to defend his land from coal seam gas mining. The song was co-written and performed with Rob Hirst from Midnight Oil.

O’Shea – The Truth Walks Slowly (acoustic) KIX COUNTRY, with introduction about the song

Check out this exclusive acoustic performance of ‘The Truth Walks Slowly’ by O’Shea for the KIX Country Radio Network.

Helen Bender – George Bender shared O’Shea‘s video August 11, 2016


After landing in the country just 48hrs ago, we woke to the news that The Truth Walks Slowly is #1 on the Country Music Channell! This video is one of the most emotional pieces of art we’ve ever put out. We are so grateful for Helen Bender – George Bender for allowing us to tell George’s story; for Rob Hirst from Midnight Oil for co-writing and performing the song with us; for Sony Music Australia for helping us get the word out; for KIX CountryThe Range who have been playing the song on radio and for the more than 20,000 people who have shared this video. The Truth Walks Slowly in the Countryside but thanks to your support, it’s starting to be heard! All our love, O’Shea Mark O’Shea Jay O’Shea


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2015 10 15: “A terrible terrible day.” George Bender, CSG (CBM) impacted farmer, Darling Downs, Queensland, killed himself. “Not only does this community have to live with this scourge of CSG coal seam gas mining on a daily and nightly basis, now they have to deal with one of their most-respected and most-loved community members taking his life.” ]

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