No Confidence in the EUB board members

No Confidence in the EUB board members Press Release by Lavesta Area Group, June 27, 2007
The 800 landowners comprising the Lavesta Area Group are disgusted with the EUB behaviour of hiring undercover private investigators to infiltrate group communications and monitor solicitor client communications. We have no confidence in the EUB board members and even less in one arm of the Stelmach government investigating another arm of the Stelmach government, while both hands of government are engaged in choking our civil rights. The Lavesta Area Group maintains the security issues relied upon by the EUB to hire private investigators is fabricated beyond reason and a violation of the law. Increased security concerns logically should dictate additional security personnel, not private investigators. Legislation, Sec 17 and Sec 21 of the “Private Investigators and Security Guards Act”, prohibits private investigators from acting in security matters. Lavesta Area Group maintains there is no good legal excuse or explanation for the action of the EUB.

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