Ken Hughes to tweak energy resource bill with six words

Ken Hughes to tweak energy resource bill by Darcy Henton, November 7, 2012, Calgary Herald
Citing public confusion over his controversial one-stop shopping energy resource regulation bill, Energy Minister Ken Hughes announced his intention Tuesday to make 14 changes to the legislation he introduced just two weeks ago. “We were focused on what Albertans were telling us,” Hughes told the legislature. “We were listening to Albertans who were reading the bill – Bill 2. They were seeking to understand it.” Many of the changes involved making it clear that notifications of energy developments would be public and that reviews of decisions by the regulator would be called ‘appeals,’ rather than ‘reviews’ in the language of the bill, he said. … But Notley said the fact the government is making so many changes to the bill so soon after introducing it is a sign Bill 2, which combines six conservation statutes, is “very poorly thought out.” … Hughes expressed surprise at the opposition reaction to his amendments. “Listening to my colleagues today, you would think we made substantial changes to the Magna Carta,” he quipped. Hughes said the amendments involve changes to six words in the bill. “With these six words we’re actually trying to create greater clarity,” he said.

[Refer also to:  Alberta Surface Rights Group:  James River Public Meeting on Nov. 14th Cancelled The reason we had to cancel was the recent introduction of “the Responsible Energy Developement Act” (Bill 2) in the Alberta Legislature, late last week. … The inclusion of water…puts all of our water at risk. … The spin the government is trying to put on this one surpasses all the lies they told us before about the land theft bills (19, 24, 36, 50). Several lawyers have contacted us telling us just how bad this one is! We feel this is the “hill to die on”? If the Redford government succeeds with this evil legislation…….we truly don’t believe there is much point in having a landowners rights group……..because quite simply…….we won’t have any rights! We need to fight this bill with all our might and all our resources. ]

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