Ireland could become first country in EU to enshrine rights of nature into its national constitution.

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Human rights and nature’s rights are the enemies of profit. As long as profit and growth are the focus of all investment, there will never be, and there has never been, any “good” capitalism.

Ireland could give nature constitutional rights by Louise Cullen, December 16, 2023, BBC News

  • The Irish government is to consider a request to change the constitution to give nature protected status
  • The proposal would grant rights similar to human rights
  • An Irish parliamentary committee has recommended holding a referendum on the issue to update the constitution

Ireland could become the first country in the EU to enshrine the rights of nature into its national constitution.

The Joint Committee on Environment and Climate Action has recommended the government advance a referendum on protecting biodiversity.

The move would see nature bestowed with rights comparable to those of people.

It came in response to a report from the Irish Citizens’ Assembly on Biodiversity Loss.

The Rights of Nature movement has grown in recent years.

It seeks to have elements of nature, such as trees, mountains and rivers, recognised as entities with rights to exist and flourish, to be restored, regenerated and respected.

And it also recognises the right of any person or organisation to defend, protect and enforce those rights on behalf of nature.

For example, New Zealand has granted legal personhood to the Whanganui River.

Countries in South America have made similar declarations.

The Center for Democratic and Environmental Rights appeared before the Joint Committee in October to testify about why the rights of nature needed to be recognised.

The team was supported by Dr Peter Doran of the Queen’s University Belfast School of Law.

Executive director Mari Margil welcomed the committee’s recommendation.

“We congratulate chairperson Brian Leddin and the Joint Committee for its work and taking this important step forward toward enshrining the rights of nature within Ireland’s constitution,” she said.

“Further, we look forward to the government and parliament’s next steps to protect the rights of nature, and offer whatever assistance we can in this process.”

If the Irish parliament does put forward a national referendum on the rights of nature and it is approved by the people, Ireland would be the first country within the European Union to enshrine such a right within a national constitution.

Other countries have enacted similar laws and amendments.

Republic of Ireland

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