‘Gasland’ director Josh Fox speaks on fracking at University of Northern Colorado

‘Gasland’ director Josh Fox speaks on fracking at University of Northern Colorado by Will Connolly, November 18, 2012, UNC Mirror
When asked to estimate how many people are directly affected by fracking, Fox replied, “Roughly 7 billion;” implying that the entire world is affected by hydraulic fracturing and that it is a very serious risk to our immediate health.  After giving a more personal presentation in which Fox discussed the issues of fracking in our community, he then went on to a more formal presentation put on in the University Center Ballrooms to a full house of nearly 600 attendees.

Fox covered a wide range of topics, beginning with the story behind his documentary and all of the unbelievable findings he made on his exploration of this shocking issue. According to Fox, his film has been viewed by more than 50 million viewers in 30 countries.

In learning of the upcoming decision to allow fracking to go on underneath of our very own University of Northern Colorado campus, Fox was in strong opposition of the university’s choice.  “There is no way I would let anyone frack anywhere near me,” Fox said. “Colorado shouldn’t accept this.” … Fox’s key point that he kept referring back to throughout his speech was that of the social contract and how we as a civilization need to respect one another enough to realize when we have done something harmful to our fellow people.

Due to the success of his first documentary, “Gasland II” will be coming out very soon, and as an alternative to his first film that covered the issues that fracking has brought solely to the United States, this film covers the effects it has on the entire world.

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