Dear Governor Cuomo, Be a Hero

Dear Governor Cuomo, Be a Hero by Sally Gao, November 18, 2012, The Cornell Daily Sun
Since Ms. Frederick’s residence was now barren and situated in a toxic wasteland, its value plummeted from $125,000 to $0 overnight. Unfortunately, the gas company was just getting started; the signed document legitimizes the fracking operation to extend a mile beyond Ms. Frederick’s backyard. In Ms. Frederick’s words, “a mile, in some places … could be a lot of homes.”

Leaving the cinema, what haunted me most was how insidious major gas companies could be — from the fancy ways in which they packaged the deadly fracking technique to their silence over the chemicals that would be released. Shielded by thousands of pages of law loopholes, the gas companies can legitimately stow away all the chemicals they could slip into the water I drink, and label them as confidential company secrets. [Emphasis added]

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