Emmy-winning “The Story of Plastics”

molly taft@mollytaft Nov 26:

i talked to a plastics expert about how cleaning up all the plastic in the ocean is basically impossible, and how plastic exists outside of our conception of time (!)

Why Trying to Clean Up All the Ocean Plastic Is Pointless, A pollution expert on why any attempt to rid the ocean of plastic completely is doomed to fail—and what we actually need to be focusing on.

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Plastics and fossil fuels should clearly be outlawed, and the fact that these are fringe views bodes poorly for our civilization.

The Story of Plastic (Full Documentary) 1 Hour 23 Min by Discovery, Sep 10, 2021


Mike Stout, heads-up Allegheny County ‘Izaak Walton League’ (IWL) has this to say about the film:

This documentary…is the most up-to-date and powerful film I’ve seen on the relationship between the fossil fuel, fracking and petrochemical industries with climate change, and what the solutions are. …

I’ve seen just about every film there is on these subject matters, and this one really motivated me to want to do more. It clearly demonstrates what dark and miserable futures our children and their children will face, if we don’t change course immediately. Every IWLer and environmentalist should be sitting down with their families and watching this film. It is that powerful!!

A few of the comments on youtube:

Rolf Dreyer:

It’s actually the same with climate change – the consumer is blamed, while the industry continues with impunity.

Ja Ochsenreiter: Every person on earth should be forced to watch this. Man has destroyed the earth simply put Not quite. Man is fast destroying the earth’s ability to sustain human life. Once humans are wiped out, the earth will heal but the millions of other species we are wiping out as we wipe ourselves out will not.


Man, that intro was like the intro of a horror movie. Which it just might be, actually.

koila maoh:

Should watch idiocracy movie, good horror documentary, predicts our society quite well lol. I watched Idiocracy when it came out in 2006. It’s a brilliant horror comedy. After McKenzie Brothers’ Strange Brew, I never laughed so hard in my life. I don’t think Idiocracy is considered a documentary, but it’s better than any documentary I’ve seen. Incredibly funny, imaginative, yet coming true, day by day.

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