Covid-19: Wise, loving, succinct, compassionate message from The Physicians of Fox Creek, Alberta

A Message from your local doctors, Message To the People of Fox Creek by March 18, 2020

We, as a community, are facing a crisis and for the rest of our lives we will remember [and be remembered] for how we dealt with Covid-19.

The virus seems to control us and it will get much worse. It seems that all we can do is to wash hands, keep our distance from others and avoid groups. Of course we also have to isolate ourselves if we get ill.

Is that all? No, absolutely not. Our strength is in our isolation from other towns and it will also be our combined effort that decreases the spread of the virus in our community as well as maintaining vital services and facilities in Fox Creek.

There is a role to play for every inhabitant and we will outline a plan below. To clarify our objectives we have borrowed and paraphrased from a message that was sent out to the employees of Discovery by the CEO, Adrian Gore. The author of the original document was Dr. Christoforos Anagnostopoulos.

“The next few months will be critical. We will remember them for the rest of our lives. The belief that flu kills more people every year will soon be proven wrong. The belief that maybe most of us had it already and didn’t realize it is also unlikely to be true.”

At the minimum it’s 20 times worse than the flu. The situation is going to get worse, much worse.” [We might expect up to a 1/3 of the population to get ill].

“The only thing we can control is how fast and it is in this regard that we as a community can have a major influence. By controlling the speed with which the virus spreads we will be able to manage the affected cases much better. It’s called ‘flattening the curve’. It also gives scientists time to develop a vaccine and antiviral medication. “So if we reduce the height of the infection over a longer period of time our healthcare system would be in a much better position to cope.”

1] “Delaying the spread is hard but simple. You can achieve this by extreme measures of personal hygiene and moderate measures of social distancing and by washing your hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds with liquid soap or alcohol-based solution. Do it at least 10 times a day. Treat every surface as possibly infected and remember that your phone is an active source for the infection. Cancel everything. Cancel all nonessential travel and nonessential social interaction. Work from home if you can. Keep at least 6 feet between your family and other people. Keep on working if you can without exposing yourself physically. Don’t watch TV constantly for news and don’t check your Facebook every five minutes. For healthy individuals there is no purpose in wearing a mask unless you are ill. The elderly are particularly at risk and help them stay in-doors and even shop for them but avoid seeing them in person if you can.”

“And remember we rely on personal responsibility and voluntary behavioral change. Take this responsibility seriously. Demonstrate leadership. Leadership is everywhere. Every public servant, every parent, every employer is a leader. Every handshake is a decision. If you’re young and healthy you most likely will be okay but it affects others that are at risk.”

Do not allow the virus to use your body to spread the virus. Fight it. “Do not empty the supermarkets. Stockpile enough food in case you have to self -isolate for two weeks but do it responsibly.” Do not put that healthcare providers under unnecessary risk and follow the guidelines at the health care centers.

“So be pessimistic in the short run but unwaveringly optimistic for the long term. Take solace in the fact that so far we have no deaths for children under nine years of age” [anywhere in the world].

2] Because Fox Creek is relatively isolated we still have an excellent chance in flattening the curve. At present Fox Creek is a relatively safe place to be in. Keep on protecting the town. In other words, we have an urgent responsibility not to expose ourselves unnecessarily.

We must assist essential services to remain operating in Fox Creek. We will enquire if any assistance is needed. If that is indeed the case, we will ask for and tap into voluntary resources in the general population for help. Anybody or any business that feel that they do need assistance should contact the Town.

3] The Town of Fox Creek is developing an emergency response plan with appropriate guidance.

4] Test yourself: COVID-19 Self-Assessment Tool if you have any symptoms before you seek medical advice:

Finally, remember that we want to keep that curve as flat as possible.

“Humanity has fought much nastier bugs than this one and won every time.”

The Physicians of Fox Creek

B Olivier, M Powell, D van Schalkwyk, K Corrigan, T Cilliers

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I’ve been out walking a lot, this song, “Nature’s Way” by Spirit keeps racing through my head. I bought this album in the 70’s when I was in college in Montreal. Then, I listened to it every day, sometimes many times a day. Greatest song I’ve ever heard, notably the lyrics. It helps me cope with humanity’s incessant pollution, greed, selfishness and ego, and abuse of earth (and each other). Note the coughing at the end.

The Coronavirus Explained & What You Should Do by Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell, March 19, 2020.

Show your children, friends and Elders, notably those who poo poo this virus as just another flu.

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