Cheapskate Aquifer-Fracker Encana, sitting on $Billions, kills $50,000.00 annual “corporate partnership” funding to Rosebud Theatre, blames economy. Greed & nastiness more likely reasons.

Yet another Encana lie? In public community meetings, Encana promises that it “shares” its profits with communities disrupted to get those profits.

Rosebud’s aquifers were illegally fractured by Encana 13 years ago. They remain explosively contaminated. No repair or clean-up in sight.

Summer 2017 and on the Labour Day weekend, Encana’s compressors near the hamlet of Rosebud and Ernst’s home have been rattling and roaring as if preparing to explode.

Why such stingy “sharing” with Rosebud?

2017 09 05: Cenovus selling Pelican Lake operations to Canadian Natural for $975 million

2017 07 21: Encana reports US $331 million profit, says 5-year plan ahead of schedule

2017 06 09: Encana and Centrica sell natural gas assets in deals worth $1.7 billion

2017 03 30: “Poor” Cenovus (Encana spawn) buying most of ConocoPhillips Canadian Assets for $17.7 Billion

2017 01 24: Encana boosts profit projection 25% higher

2015 06 30: Cenovus Energy sells royalty lands for $3.3 billion in cash after illegally fracturing Rosebud’s drinking water aquifers (then Encana), and getting away with it

2014 10 22: Moving-On-To-Greener-Frac-Pastures: After paying 5 times maximum fine to escape criminal charges…Encana leaving Michigan

2014 04 22: Encana Readies Spinoff of Clearwater Alberta Properties into PrairieSky, estimated to be worth $2.5 billion or more

2014 03 29: Beware the wealthy bearing gifts; Do oil and gas industry “donations” and “scholarships” buy endorsement, silence and obedience?

2013 Cenovus (previously Encana) 3 million endowment to University of Alberta

2013 01 30: Cenovus (previously Encana) donates $1.5 million to Lakeland College

2012 03 26: Encana donates $1.19 M to Wyoming non-profits

2012 07: Cenovus (previously Encana) donates $3 Million to the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology

2011 11 09: Encana donates $1.5 Million to Mount Royal University

2010 01: Cenovus (previously Encana) donates $3 Million to the University of Alberta

2010 06: Encana donates $1 million to Red Deer College

2010 10 19: EnCana donates $7 Million to the University of Wyoming

2009: Encana splits off its oil riches into Cenovus

2008 03 18: EnCana donates $7.5 Million to the University of Alberta – On the same day Rosebud landowners release media alert rejecting the Alberta government closing its incomplete water investigations and taking away the legislature-promised permanent safe alternate water deliveries to all frac harmed families.

2008 12 17: EnCana $1 Million donation to University of Calgary questioned as company awaits approval to frac Suffield National Wildlife Area

2001 01 07: EnCana donates $5 Million to the University of Wyoming

Encana also frac’d directly into drinking water aquifers at Pavillion Wyoming, contaminating the drinking water there. Why did the company illegally fracking Rosebud’s drinking water aquifers, contaminating them, rate so little in “partnership gifts” from Encana?

2005 10 12: EnCana donates $3 Million to Colorado Mtn College, creating an odd couple 

The deal between EnCana Oil & Gas and my alma mater Colorado Mountain College stinks worse than a frat house with a gas leak during pledge week. … In just a short period the Canadian supercorp has had numerous violations and racked up record fines with the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission. EnCana has polluted water supplies, caused evacuations of homes, talked of outsourcing Colorado jobs to Chinese workers and has been blamed by residents for tumors and other sudden ailments. Most recently, a gas leak in San Miguel County was so extensive it created a no-fly zone with a 10-mile radius. The problems of a Silt woman dealing with an EnCana gas leak were so severe that her story made it to the floor of the U.S. Senate. Along comes a $3 million donation to the beloved CMC. Boy, is EnCana slick. I don’t know what’s worse: EnCana’s cheap attempt to buy public favor or CMC agreeing to it. [Emphasis added]

2005 01 Rosebud’s water reservoir blows up in an explosion. The investigation blames “an accumulation of gases.” It cost the community hundreds of thousands of dollars to replace.

2004 10 Encana Rosebud Newsletter promises $150,000 to Rosebud School of the Arts after company frac’d community drinking water aquifers and water wells go bad

“Encana is pleased to come on board as a corporate partner, by contributing $150,000 towards the [Rosebud Centre]. An additional [measly] $50,000 [annually] has been committed towards the use of conference services once the new space is built.”

March 2004: Encana illegally fractured, in secret, directly into Rosebud drinking water aquifers, contaminating them, continues to refuse to disclose drilling and frac chemicals injected into the aquifers and above the Base of Groundwater Protection on 200 shallow frac’d gas wells in the community.

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