Canada Day: Did you and your loved ones appreciate the water you used today? Did you think of the many frac’d families living without such luxury?

2016 07 01 Jessica Ernst getting alternate water at Rosedale on Canada Day, still no safe water 14 yrs after Encana's illegal fracs at Rosebud, AB

2016 07 01: Ernst loading water in Rosedale Alberta (45 minutes drive – one way – from Rosebud)

Canada Day 2016

Ernst still hauling water – 12 years after Encana illegally fractured repeatedly into multiple drinking water aquifers at Rosebud and contaminated them.

How many days can your family live on 185 gallons of water?

Ten years now, Ernst has relied on hauled water, two years delivered by the Alberta government, eight years by Ernst. The government’s 2006 legislature made promise to provide permanent alternate water was broken in April 2008

Happy Canada Day?

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