Alberta Proposes Flawed Public Relations Pipeline Review

Alberta Proposes Flawed Public Relations Pipeline Review by Alberta Surface Rights Group, July 21/12
Yesterday Alberta Energy Minister Ken Hughes announced the ERCB would conduct a pipeline review. To make it look good the ERCB will name an “independent third party” to help it……… investigate itself! This is akin to the government saying Robert Pickton could pick a buddy to investigate how all those women turned up dead at his Richmond pig farm! Incredible!!! Hughes came up with this startling proposal after he “consulted” with his bosses over at CAPP (Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers). This is becoming common practice in Alberta? When public pressure on slack government oversite becomes overwhelming, the government quickly runs over to CAPP for their marching orders. CAPP quickly gets it’s spin doctors to work and comes up with a PR scheme that will calm the citizens down! Hughes seems to think it is perfectly alright to have the fox guarding the henhouse.

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