6 Bad and Dangerous Geoengineering Ideas Meant to Cool Down Earth that we should never try includes “A little potato flying a kite” to block the sun. Why not simply stop human over-breeding and over-polluting? Much less harmful. Oh right, rich raping churches, corporations and billionaires need more and more babies to keep making too much money destroying life on earth.

I thoroughly enjoyed this clip and agree wholeheartedly. I do think though the extreme white paint has uses for people living in poverty without fans or AC.

AC is a polluting energy wasting privilege in areas without hydro; I’ve never lived with it. I use manually operated rolltop shutters on the outside of my triple glazed windows to keep out the sun’s heat in heat extremes and keep warmth inside during extreme cold in winter. The shutters also do a fantastic job protecting the windows from hail and extreme winds, and provide excellent privacy.

Another horrible idea already being implemented and misused by oil and gas companies to keep polluting and steal billions of dollars from the public to pay for it is carbon capture/sequestration or direct capture which don’t work and can kill quickly when the Co2 leaks back to surface and settles in low spots:

Justin Guay@Guay_JG:

Occidental saying the quiet part out loud on DAC

“We believe that our direct capture technology…gives our industry a license to continue to operate for 60, 70, 80 years”

And since @politico is so bad at their job, let’s clarify that by “vibe shift” they mean the Oil industry’s greenwashing strategy. And please note I’m sure these kinds of headlines are totally unrelated to the amount of fossil fuel advertising $$$ they take.

6 Bad and Dangerous Geoengineering Ideas Meant to Cool Down Earth 16:16 Min. by Anton Petrov, Aug 22, 2023

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