Local Authorities in Ireland say NO to fracking

Local Authorities in Ireland say NO to fracking by Good Energies Alliance Ireland January 28, 2013
Based on freely available evidence of local experts, and evidence of the damage to health and environment occurring where fracking has taken place (US, Canada), democratically elected representatives of Local Councils in Counties Clare, Sligo, Roscommon, Leitrim, Fermanagh and Donegal have moved to ban fracking within their counties. They have also instructed the County Management to begin the process of altering the County Development Plans to include a ban on fracking. Some have requested the Minister to ban fracking nationally.

The Local Authority in Fermanagh and the Northern Ireland Assembly in Stormont, Belfast have also passed motions called for a moratorium on fracking. While technically, Local Authorities do not have the power to prevent fracking, it would be foolhardy and undemocratic of Government to dismiss this solid opposition; particularly as both Europe and Ireland profess “local Consultation” as being very important in such circumstances.

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