Yukon government pushing fracking, Documents from Energy, Mines and Resources recommend working on ‘regulatory readiness’

First Nation calls Yukon’s draft fracking strategy ‘a betrayal.’ Trondek Hwechin First Nation opposes fracking, angry with Yukon government’s documents on hydraulic fracturing by CBC News, March 12, 2015
The Trondek Hwechin First Nation says documents indicating that the Yukon government is pursuing a draft strategy for hydraulic fracturing represent a serious breach of trust. Chief Roberta Joseph says it was a blow to learn what the government was planning behind closed doors, especially considering that her First Nation, which is based in Dawson City, passed a resolution stating it was diametrically opposed to fracking.

“This brings a real lack of trust,” says Joseph, “when these things are being planned out without even sitting down, talking to First Nations.”

Joseph says elders were vehement in their opposition when they spoke to the Yukon legislature’s select committee on hydraulic fracturing. She says the government has decided to disregard not only First Nations, but Yukoners as a whole, and that revelations in the documents will damage an already brittle relationship between the territorial government and First Nations. “The Yukon Party government basically has closed ears on Yukon people,” she says, “in terms of how we want to ensure that we have a sustainable environment for future generations.” [Emphasis added]

Yukon government recommends focus on horizontal fracking, Documents from Energy, Mines and Resources recommend working on ‘regulatory readiness’ by Nancy Thomson, March 6, 2015, CBC News

The CBC has received internal government documents revealing the Yukon government’s draft strategy for hydraulic fracturing in the territory.

The documents include a PowerPoint presentation by the acting assistant deputy minister of Energy, Mines and Resources and a note explaining that the presentation will be given to the government caucus in coming weeks.

The other document is a draft speech, prepared for Energy Mines and Resources minister Scott Kent.

‘Focus on multi-stage horizontal fracking.’

The PowerPoint begins by noting that the report by the Yukon legislative select committee on hydraulic fracturing “does not recommend a ban or moratorium on fracking.”

It goes on to say “…it is recommended that YG focus on multi-stage horizontal fracking” and the Eagle Plain and Liard oil and gas basins.

The presentation notes there are currently no proposals for shale gas development in Yukon. It talks about activities the department will do immediately, including launching a public information campaign, conducting an economic study, and establishing baseline data on water, wildlife, and seismic activities.

The document says the government’s interdepartmental working group will “work on moving forward with parallel initiatives on: regulatory readiness, economic analysis … and the appointment of an external review panel.” [Will pro-fracing, frac patent holder Dr. Maurice Dusseault be appointed to this frac panel too?]

The documents says regulatory readiness will enhance data collection in the Eagle Plain and Liard basins. It says such baseline data will be “useful to support any industry.

‘Explore potential partnerships with affected First Nations’

The PowerPoint also includes a page dedicated to a “First Nation engagement strategy.” [Propaganda and bribe loaded Synergy Alberta strategy?]

That includes hearing First Nations concerns about hydraulic fracturing and continuing to work “government to government with First Nations” to determine what support is needed if oil and gas projects occur within their traditional territories. [Done deal no matter how loudly the First Nations say “No?”]

The presentation says part of the information [lies and threats?] and engagement [bribery?] strategy will “stimulate new industry investment” in the territory’s oil and gas sector.

The document notes fracking is so controversial that “most people cannot evaluate the merits of the conflicting information.” [Easy to evaluate, even for children. Believe industry propaganda, or the many hundreds of peer-reviewed papers showing many harms caused by fracing:  air pollution, water pollution, farmland pollution, food pollution, home and community destruction, divide and conquer

It recommends setting up an independent expert panel, stating “The goal is to build public trust.” [Like the New West Partnership giving tax payer money to CAPP and the AER to finance their lying ads, claiming fracing is safe, despite the research proving it is not?]

It goes on to point out that more information won’t give a “definitive answer” on whether fracking can be done safely [Precisely, the many harms to communities, families health, water, air, land are already proven], adding that a risk management decision “will always be … required.” [Like telling the truth or banning fracing “could be harmful to the financial interest of a public body?” ]

The draft speech prepared for Kent contains much of the same information but it doesn’t address the recommendation that the Yukon government focus on horizontal fracturing. [Emphasis added]

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