What really happened

What really happened by Jessica Ernst, June 25, 2007, The Edmonton Journal
I was at the hearing, in the front row, when the so-called violence took place. I witnessed an ill and elderly couple, in or near their 80s and facing a third transmission line on their property, being harassed by AEUB staff. In response, the wife tried to slap the AEUB lawyer, who then pushed her. Her husband desperately tried to get to his wife, but AEUB staff physically prevented him from doing so. I held my breath in shock. This cannot be happening, I thought. This woman has cancer and the AEUB knows this. Finally the elderly gentleman pushed through and reached his wife. He gently wrapped his arms around her and drew her away. Still, AEUB staff tried to interfere with the couple. It was horrid watching an AEUB lawyer push a senior. It was worse to hear the AEUB’s distorted reports about what happened, and use the incident to keep the public out of a “public” hearing. For the AEUB to be using their distorted truth as justification to spy on Albertans is outrageous.

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