WHAT NEXT?! “Clean Earth Inc” applying to DEP to store and use “treated” drilling waste for expansion of Johnson Airport, Tioga County

Tioga County project would use gas drilling cuttings by G. Jeffrey Aaron, January 16, 2015, Star Gazette 
Pennsylvania’s Department of Environmental Protection has scheduled a public meeting to discuss an application seeking permission to store and use treated natural gas drilling cuttings for the expansion of Johnson Airport in Tioga County. … “The department has received a significant number of requests for a public discussion of Clean Earth Inc.’s [ Will the company fully disclose, without any trade secrets, all toxic additives to the drilling fluids, lost circulation additives and natural toxics brought up with the cuttings?] plans related to operations at the Wellsboro Johnston Airport,” DEP North-Central Regional Director Marcus Kohl said in a statement. …

If approved, the permit would allow Clean Earth to transport treated drill cuttings from the natural gas industry to the airport in Delmar and Shippen townships. The cuttings would then be stored and used as fill to support construction of a hangar for Clean Earth and the airport. The cuttings could not be used anywhere else on the airport property in this phase of the project. …

Clean Earth is based in Hatsboro, Pa. Its Williamsport location is the first DEP-permitted facility in Pennsylvania to process shale drill cuttings, and pipeline cuttings derived from gas exploration and well installations.

The goal of the meeting/hearing is to ensure that the local community has an accurate understanding of the project [Via the usual oil and gas industry lies and propaganda?] and DEP’s review process and is given an opportunity to provide their thoughts on the project, according to a DEP release.

During the public hearing, residents can present up to five minutes of oral testimony regarding the permits. Written testimony of any length also will be accepted. The oral testimony will be recorded by a court reporter and transcribed into a written document. DEP said it will provide a written response to all relevant testimony provided during the public hearing. [Emphasis added]

[Refer also to:

Germany EPA Frac Report Released: Risks Associated with Fracing are Too High; “So far, no company has been able to present a sustainable waste management concept”

Natural Gas Operations from a Public Health Perspective by Theo Colborn, Carol Kwiatkowski, Kim Schultz, and Mary Bachran, accepted for publication  September 4, 2010, in International Journal of Human and Ecological Risk Assessment 17 (2011): 1039-1056.
For many years, drillers have insisted that they do not use toxic chemicals to drill for gas, only guar gum, mud, and sand. While much attention is being given to chemicals used during fracking, our findings indicate that drilling chemicals can be equally, if not more dangerous.

2012 02 21 Ernst Presentation Belcoo Fermanagh Northern Ireland EnCana Waste Pits Rosebud CommunityOctober 2011, Encana waste pits at Rosebud, now covered up

2012 November EnCana Waste Dumping on Food Land at Rosebud Alberta Slide from 2013 UK Ireland Tour

EnCana dumping heavy facing west towards 05-14 the Encana gas well that repeatedly fractured directly into Rosebud drinking water aquifers in 2004

Encana’s untreated waste dumped on food land at Rosebud

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