West Virginia: Southwestern Energy’s Reinbeau multi well pad near schools goes boom in the night: A piece of equipment ruptured, caused release of pressure and fire, one worker injured. Were they frac’ing? Will they tell the truth if they were?

Southwestern wanted to frac New Brunswick, Canada.

Likely location of the incident in WV, visual thanks to Bob Donnan from PA:

Incident on well pad near Sorghum Ridge Road in Marshall County last night by Steve Moore, Oct 22, 2021, WTRF

Marshall County Sheriff Bill Helms confirms to 7NEWS that there was an incident near a well pad out in Marshall County near Sorghum Ridge Road, connecting with Route 86 to Big Wheeling Creek on Friday night.

Initial 911 reports suggested it was a well pad fire, but Marshall County EMA Director Tom Hart says a piece of equipment on the well pad ruptured and caught fire. When it ruptured, it caused a release of pressure making a large sound, making it sound like an explosion.

One worker is being treated on scene, though the injuries are said to be minor, and he was released on the scene. There were no evacuations.

Sorghum Ridge Road is currently closed.

Southwestern Energy released a statement on the incident:

  • At approximately 7:30 p.m. Friday night, a fire was reported from Southwestern Energy’s Reinbeau Well Pad near Sherrard, WV.  
  • The pad’s wells were quickly shut in, safely closing off production and exposure to the fire, which was extinguished at 9:45 p.m..
  • We regret that this incident occurred, especially given the high priority Southwestern places on operational safety, and are grateful for the first responders for their support. Paid for by taxpayers, as usual?

Stay with 7NEWS for updates as we learn more.

Refer also to:

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