Watershed planning group acting as ‘propaganda machine,’ says Munro

Watershed planning group acting as ‘propaganda machine,’ says Munro by John Gleeson, February 14, 2012, Mountain View Gazette
A provincial advisory body on the Red Deer River watershed appears to be no more than a “propaganda machine” for industry, Mountain View County councillor Paddy Munro charged last week. In a scathing report to council’s policies and priorities committee on Wednesday, Munro (Div. 6) said the Red Deer River Watershed Alliance has systematically ignored the impacts of hydraulic fracturing and logging on the watershed. … “Fracking is the biggest deal in oil and gas in its history. In the United States it’s the hottest topic going. It’s an environmental catastrophe and the American government has encouraged it for energy independence.” … Asked by Reeve Bruce Beattie whether he believes municipalities are included “just to give the appearance of legitimacy,” Munro said, “Absolutely. By having us participate it gives them credibility.” … It’s so serious I can’t stress how I feel about this. When you get an industry and Alberta Environment-led propaganda machine, that concerns us.”

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