Wash your hands and hair! But don’t worry evangelicals & conservatives, SCOTUS – the misogynistic catholic court of the USA – will criminalize hair washing for women and girls so they keep making babies for priests and the rich to exploit

tern@1goodtern Dec 31, 2023:

Saying “Covid is airborne, so wash your hands” is like saying “sex causes pregnancy, so wash your hair”.

Nate Bear@NateB_Panic Dec 31, 2023:

Four years ago today a doctor in Wuhan reported a mystery pneumonia, whose origin was an unknown virus. Today, transmission of that virus is as high as it has ever been since that point. Millions of people a day. This is total, utter and astounding failure

That virus has killed about 25 million people in four years, and disabled millions more. It is now the leading cause of infectious disease death, in adults and children. It is the biggest mass death event in US history

It is routinely downplayed by a media and political class for whom thousands of deaths a day are the price of business-as-usual. A class that won’t even call for protection measures for the most vulnerable in hospitals, despite it being almost fully preventable in those places

The virus continues to mutate at a rate unlike any other virus in global circulation. In the US, vaccines that can help protect against the worst outcomes of this virus now cost hundreds of dollars. In the UK and much of Europe, under 65s can’t even be vaccinated against it

Millions of vulnerable people mount no immune response through vaccination or infection. These people have been sacrificed, fully sacrificed, for capitalist business-as-usual, as shown by the dropping of all airborne virus protection measures in hospitals

The absurdity of herd immunity, the mocking of masks, the labelling of covid as a cold or flu, once only far-right mantras, have been entirely absorbed by a liberal political, media and corporate class who saw the adoptions of these ideas as the route back to recreational liberty

… All the love to those who never gave up and who make their belief in solidarity material every day

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