Utilities board posts personal data on Net

Utilities board posts personal data on Net, Rocky Rapids residents feel betrayed by the breach of privacy rules by Hanneke Brooymans, The Edmonton Journal, November 09, 2006
Residents near Rocky Rapids are upset about the personal information posted on the Internet by the Alberta Energy and Utilities Board…. Some people told the company when they would be out of the country during the winter; others revealed medical conditions. All the information appeared on the Internet. Mike Szwec provided the password that would allow a stranger to take his two children away from their home in case of an emergency. “I consider it reckless endangerment, what they did,” said Szwec. “(My children) would have willingly hopped in a vehicle with a stranger.”… Szwec works in the oilpatch and knows how evacuation plans are supposed to work. Such personal information is supposed to be kept “under lock and key,” he said.

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