Gas well explosion should get everyone’s attention

Gas well explosion should get everyone’s attention by McKenzie Richards, Silt, Oct 22, 2006, Glenwood Post Independent
At 4:30 a.m. Saturday, Oct. 14, we were rattled out of bed by an explosion. One of the gas wells in our little corner of Garfield County blew up and/or some part of that facility. We watched from our back deck as the smoke and fire roiled skyward, a mushroom cloud of noxious fumes and contamination spreading the poisonous cloud over us. If it hadn’t been for the explosion, we probably wouldn’t have noticed, because the gas and oil companies consistently burn off their ponds at that time of the morning, so that people will not notice the poison being pumped into the atmosphere … unless, of course, you want to try to breathe the air.

We do have terrorists in this country and we know them all, Bush and Company and all of the boot-licking lackeys he has appointed (Gale Norton), almost all of Congress and most politicians. Politicians are salivating with rapacious greed and avarice and running rampant. The politicians are raking all the money they can get their greasy hands on into their own pockets. They have sold “We the People” to big business, gas and oil … and I am including our local politicians (excepting Ms. Houpt) who vote to allow gas and oil to rape our biota with no consideration for our lands or the wildlife and people residing there.

We need to fight this now, we must speak now or there will be no one left to speak and/or no reason to speak because it will all have been destroyed, our lands and way of life.

Hello – anyone out there? Has everyone moved away? What happens when there is no place left to go?

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