Twelve Canadians – Jessica Ernst, Mano a Mano With Big Oil

Twelve Canadians – Jessica Ernst Fracked Water, Mano a Mano With Big Oil by David Kattenburg, January 9, 2014, Green Planet Monitor

This past holiday season, a massive ice storm turned what should have been a joyous occasion into a horrid nightmare for tens of thousands of Torontonians. Family reunions were trashed, fridge-fulls of food spoiled, basements filled with frozen sewage water.

Eventually, power was restored, thanks to the valiant labor of municipal hydro workers. The almost equally squalid task of filing insurance claims now proceeds apace.

Those who viewed Toronto’s ice storm debacle with revulsion and a tinge of schadenfreude (how would Rob Ford acquit himself?) may wish to consider an entirely different, far more personal environmental disaster that continues to unfold:

Imagine what it would be like to have your water supply morph into a fire hazard; to have to haul this most precious of life’s resources from a public tap an hour’s drive from your home, in the dead of winter, because the liquid flowing from your own tap has been contaminated with methane gas and is liable to explode if you light a match. …



More photos by David Kattenburg at Slide show

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