Trouble in the Fields: Is our water safe?

Trouble in the Fields: Is our water safe? Landowners near coalbed methane wells say government won’t protect their water. So who will? Cover article by Jeremy Klazsus, photographs by Colin Smith, originally published in Alberta Views October 2006. Vol 9, No. 8.
Jeremy Klaszus won the Alexander Ross Award for Best New Writer for his investigative journalism in, Big Oil on Trial (June 2006) and Trouble in the Fields (October 2006) in Alberta Views.

2006 Alberta Views Cover Story Trouble in the Field Rosebud's Contaminated Drinking Water & Encana admits frac'ing Rosebud's drinking water aquifer2006 Alberta Views Troubled Waters Encana admits it fractured into Rosebud Aquifer at 5-14-22-27-W4M

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