The Most Over-the-Top-Biased Frac Panel Yet? QUÉBEC Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources sold itself to the Devil. Check out this list! Check it twice!

2016-2025 Energy Policy – The Ministry shall publish the names of the experts participating in the expert table on fossil hydrocarbons

QUÉBEC, June 4, 2015, CNW Telbec The Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources shall publish the names of the eleven experts to participate in the expert discussion on the topic of fossil fuels in the process framework to provide Quebec with a new energy policy. [Translation:  kill Quebec’s frac ban?]

The experts [in reality, frac propagandists and apologists?] from Quebec and abroad will gather in Quebec Monday, June 15, 2015 to discuss the possibilities of the development of the sector of hydrocarbons in Quebec. Depending on their field of expertise, they will present [INDUSTRY’S] vision of the challenges in developing this solution, and the results of their analysis on [HOW MANY BILLIONS IN TAXPAYER SUBSIDIES AND GIFTS THEY DEMAND AND] the exploration, exploitation, transportation and distribution of oil and natural gas in Quebec. The sharing of [THEIR PROPAGANDA] will contribute to the reflection that aims to allow Quebec to identify the orientations put forward in the next energy policy.

Philip Andrews-Speed: National University of Singapore, Principal investigator and chief of the division of energy security United Kingdom

Jim Ellis: Alberta Energy Regulator [Legally Immune, even for Charter Violations, “No Duty of Care”], President and CEO, Alberta, Canada [NEED ONE SAY ANYTHING MORE?]

Matthew Foss: Ministry of Energy of Alberta, Director of the economy, information and analysis of energy, Alberta, Canada

One of the senior-level government officials working with industry to develop a plan to shape public perceptions of shale gas development and water use that included the hideous secret scam with CAPP and the AER to use taxpayer money to lie to the public that fracing is perfectly safe (exposed in 2011 by the Alberta NDP).

M me Brenda Kenny: Canadian Energy Pipeline Association, Chairwoman, Alberta, Canada

Mr. David Knapp: Energy Intelligence Group, Chief EconomistNew York, United States

Yves Mathieu: French Petroleum Institute, Retired Chief Geologist, France

It aims to facilitate the transfer of knowledge and expertise between research agencies and industry.

Mr. Dan McConnell: Fugro GeoConsulting, Director of the Americas component of the geotechnical division of major projects, Texas, United States

Fugro GeoConsulting provides specialist Geotechnical Engineering services to it’s customers in the oil/gas….

Dave Neslin: Davis Graham & Stubbs LLP, Business partner, Colorado, USA

David Neslin, head [until 2012] of the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC) since 2007…. Shortly after Neslin was appointed acting director of COGCC in November 2007, he oversaw the massive, acrimonious rewrite of Colorado’s oil and gas regulations, which dictate industry operations in the state. The new rules were implemented in April 2009, when Neslin was appointed permanent director of COGCC.

Erik Ranheim: Intertanko, Association of Independent Tanker Owners and cargo, Senior Manager, Research and Projects, Norway

 Speaks out for….shipping of oil and chemicals. 

Jean-Louis Schilansky: Centre unconventional hydrocarbons, President, France

Mr. Jean-Louis Schilansky, President of the Unconventional Hydrocarbons Center [the Centre hydrocarbures non conventionnels – CHNC], which was founded in February by several French industrial players to provide information about the
technical, economic and environmental aspects of unconventional hydrocarbons. Until the end of 2014 Mr. Schilansky was President of the French Petroleum Industries Union [Union Française des Industries Pétrolières – UFIP].

2015 02 bio Jean-Louis Schilansky

M me Stéphanie Trudeau: [Corporatif] Gaz Métro, Vice-President, Strategy, Communication and Sustainable Development, Quebec, Canada

Propaganda/Deceptions Expert?

A communications expert and seasoned strategist, she is as comfortable with strategic and political matters as she is with crisis management or risk communication.


Corporatif Gaz Métro: 

In addition to the distribution of natural gas in Quebec and Vermont, Gaz Métro also owns a number of financial interests in transmission, storage, gas and other underground systems enterprises.


Those wishing to attend on-site at the expert [deception and propaganda] table or discuss at the [lies and cons] meeting that will follow in the evening must register online. It is worth mentioning that the places are limited. [Translation: Investors and businesspersons with lots of money and lying experience welcome only?]

Date: Monday, June 15, 2015

Hours: 8 h 30 to 16 h 30 – Table of experts

As of 18 pm 30 – Public Consultation

Location: Marie-Guyart Building – Daniel Johnson Amphitheatre

1035, rue De La Chevrotière

Québec (Québec) G1R 5A5

Reflection to help document

In order to help citizens and experts in their thinking on the subject of fossil fuels, a document that contains a set of information and data to provide a general profile of the current Quebec sectors of oil and natural gas is available on the site of the new 2016-2025 Energy Policy. This document summarizes the progress of knowledge and concerns, particularly with regard to environmental protection, raised the possible development of hydrocarbon production industry in Quebec.

Quebec Energy Policy 2016-2025

The approach to give Quebec a new energy policy is to develop a common understanding of challenges and opportunities, build consensus, as well as provide general guidelines and concrete commitments. The new energy policy is part of a global energy and economic context in full movement. It is intended that the Quebec increase its leadership in renewable energy, energy efficiency and technological innovation. The aim is also to highlight responsibly all resources and energy heritage of Quebecers, to reduce our dependence on imported energy and to continue the development of a low carbon economy.

For more information about the process, please visit political .

Nicolas Bégin
Media Relations
Minister of Energy and
Natural Resources
Tel. : 418 627-8609, extension 3061


2015 04 07: Frac industry pushing France with old lies to sneak in fracing; Promoting extremely dangerous, toxic, financially ruinous gelled “non-flammable” propane fracs as “safe, clean and green” non-fracs!

Press Release — Shale gas: Quebec farmers are missing out on a golden opportunity. Are they really or this is just more industry bullying and “expert” propaganda?

2015: How low will the con go? Questerre Energy CEO Michael Binnion pitches fracking in Quebec

2015: 200 Quebec artists sign petition calling for provincial government to end all exploration and production of oil and gas in Quebec and stop all transportation of oil and gas for export

2015: Thermogenic methane contaminating Gaspé drinking water near Petrolia’s methane leaking oil well; Citizens ask municipal representatives to take back Petrolia’s Permits

2015 04 20 Ensemble! by Michele Van de Kaa, re to stop the frac harms in Gaspé Large file size

Ensemble! by Michèle Van De Kaa:

let there be heart song!

2015: Borrowed Dreams? Promises of regulations led Gaspé to drop lawsuit with Petrolia. Junex dares to dream of oil in Québec; penny stock soared 209% recently, lifted shares of peers Petrolia and Petrolympcs while $200 Billion debt looms over USA oil and gas

2014: Quebec’s Premier Declares Province-wide Shale Gas Ban after Environmental Review Board (BAPE) says Fracking Not Worth The Risk, “Too many negative consequences to the environment and society…risks to air and water quality…noise and light pollution”

2014: Governments across Canada failing to protect drinking water; Government betrays Ristigouche and 70 other Quebec municipalities that put bylaws into place to protect drinking water; Gastem attacks Ristigouche with $1.5 Million Lawsuit

2014: Officials from Quebec to visit Alberta again for more frac lies

2014: Harper government enabling the frac harm cover up? Environment Canada criticized for leaving fracking chemicals off pollutant list saying not enough frac chemicals used – 362,000 litres of diesel invert lost underground near Alberta family home

2014: Action needed on abandoned energy wells leaking methane in Quebec

2012: NL loses bid to force Abitibi to clean up contamination, Supreme Court of Canada ruled 7-2 against government

2013: Lone Pine Resources, a Canadian frac company in serious financial trouble with $300 million in aggregate debt sues Canada for $250 million to lift Quebec frac ban

2013: Hydraulic Fracturing in Canada, Federal Environment Commissioner Scott Vaughan Reports Concerns, List of Fracking Substances in Canada Still Secret Two years later, they’re still secret

2013: CEO of Gastem says ecology activists are fascists and states that ‘nobody’ in Alberta complains about drilling wells, Le pdg de Gastem qualifie les militants écologistes de “fascistes”

2013: Questerre Energy’s CEO Michael Binnion, The man who did not know Quebec, L’homme qui ne connaissait pas le Québec

2013: Paul Precht, Alberta energy economist speaks contrary to the dataQuesterre Energy tries to reverse public opinion on hydraulic fracturing in Quebec, CEO Michael Binnion’s work may have only just begun

2013: U.S. agency says companies shipping frac’d Bakken crude in unsafe rail cars, Judge grants railroad bankruptcy protection after Lac-Mégantic disaster, About 100 Quebec residents remain homeless for a year

2013: Study shows high pollution at Lac-Mégantic: one carcinogen 394,444 times above limit; Fracking chemicals in spotlight regulators investigate rail car corrosion & flammability North Dakota crude

2013: Lac-Mégantic, près de 1200 plaignants au recours collectif contre la MMA, Some 1,200 plaintiffs have signed on to be included in the class action suit against MMA railway

2012: WANT THIS IN YOUR COMMUNITY: Ottawa sued over Quebec fracking ban, Ontario Smacked by U.S. NAFTA Lawsuit on Fracking

2012: Canadian taxpayers could be on hook for Quebec fracking decision because of NAFTA Chapter 11 that protects corporations even if they risk health, the public interest and environment to take profit (or imagine future profits at risk)

2012: Quebec government hints at long-term fracking ban, The new Parti Quebecois government hasn’t wasted any time hinting about a long-term ban on the shale gas industry

Quebec’s new natural-resources minister, Martine Ouellet, says she doesn’t believe the controversial method of extracting natural gas from shale, known as “fracking,” can ever be done safely. …

“I don’t foresee a day when there will be technology that will allow safe exploitation (of shale gas),” Ouellet said in Quebec City.

2011 06 30: France Becomes First Country to Ban Extraction of Natural Gas by Fracking

Alberta Reality Check: 

Baytex Finally Successful, Gags & Settles Poisoned HOW MANY Alberta Families? Does a lawyer-touted “positive outcome” of displacing and gagging poisoned families, stop the poisoning? “Our house is contaminated…there’s a smell now…Part of the torture of all this is not only abandoning our farm, but the health experts…told us we shouldn’t bring anything (with us).”

Alberta Frac Reality Check: 

Diana Daunheimer: Alberta Energy Regulator should be ashamed, AER Directive 60 Deregulation as the frac poisons ramp up

M0re Alberta Frac Reality Check:

FrackingCanada The Campbells Their drinking water contamination is thermogenic lace with deadly sour gas, but the regulator allows more and more and more and more drilling and fracing.

More Alberta Frac Reality Check:

The Nightmare of Ann Craft: Fracked, then Poisoned

Ann Craft’s Fracking Nightmare: A Top Lawyer’s Startling Counsel

Complete with the Alberta Energy Regulator outside counsel’s advice:

2013 09 23 AER lawyer Glenn Solomon 'OK we damaged your water well'

More Alberta Reality Check: Bruce Jack’s 2006 methane and ethane contaminated water well:

2006 05 09 Bruce Jack in Alberta hospital contaminated water well explosion

More Alberta Reality Check: Zimmerman’s methane and ethane contaminated water after nearby fracing by Quicksilver, then MGV. Is the water fixed yet?


And what about Alberta’s caprock? How’s it holding up? 

Have the companies fixed it yet? 

AER, Alberta’s new energy regulator seeks the world’s trust, as Alberta’s caprock is frac’d “to Hell”

Any one counting the Alberta Reality Skeletons leaving the Closet?  With the corrupt Big Oil Tory Party recently punted out by Albertans, how many skeletons warming up to dance out and with what toxic secrets?

2013 10 16 17 Past ERCB Board Member Theresa Watson Presents in Colorado on Alberta Regulations and Serious Wellbore Integrity Problems2013 10 Past ERCB Board Member Theresa Watson Presents in Colorado The Skeletons are Coming out of the Closet

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