Stelmach must replace board

Stelmach must replace board by Rod E. McConnell, The Edmonton Journal, September 20, 2007
The privacy commissioner’s report on the Alberta Energy and Utilities Board’s spying on Albertans dramatically confirms Albertans’ impressions of this agency and the depths to which the EUB has fallen in its dealings with the public. Its unwillingness to serve the public and ensure that there are fair and equitable settlements to matters dealing with energy have become legendary. Those of us who have dealt with this agency have experienced its arrogance and lack of attention to the public’s concerns. The EUB no longer enjoys the confidence of the people of this province. … This agency has acquiesced to the demands of the energy industry. The EUB, must be replaced or restructured to reflect the needs of Albertans. Premier Ed Stelmach must:
– Fire the current board;
– Immediately undertake a public inquiry into the EUB and its dealings with the public and energy sector;
– Fire the minister responsible for the EUB. His ignorance of its activities and lack of appropriate action is no excuse;
– Survey Albertans as to what mandate a revised board should have;
– Immediately withdraw Bill 46, which would split the board in two, until there is a complete review;
– Change the mandate of the board or its successors to ensure that Albertans are protected in every way possible.
A simple, little “tut-tut” over the recent debacle at the EUB will not suffice. It is time to clean out the ministry of energy and restore its mandate to serve the people of this province, not the demands of big energy.


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