Rosebud residents not too happy with EnCana’s plans

Rosebud residents not too happy with EnCana’s plans by Isabell Foks, October 26, 2004, Drumheller Valley Times
Mark Taylor, business unit leader for the Rosebud area, started off by explaining EnCana’s plans which include drilling an additional two to three wells per section. … There are approximately just over 400 wells and just over four wells per section in the Rosebud area right now. “We hope to drill and additional two to three wells per section here,” Taylor said.  … Debbie Signer, owner of a guest house at Redland, said that she is concerned about the water quality and asked how citizens can scrutinize what EnCana does. Taylor said that the company is definitely aware of the water quality in Redland. “We look after the situation even if we don’t think there it is a problem,” he said. … Si[g]ner asked another question about water and added that she would like a written assurance from EnCana that her water source would not be hurt. Taylor added that information is dealt with privately. “When it comes to issues specifically around water wells we cannot share information,” he said. Another person asked about having more of an idea of the intentions of EnCana in the Rosebud area. He also asked if EnCana would do an environmental impact study for the area. “The short answer is that we would be happy to participate in some kind of thing,” Taylor said. [emphasis added]

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