Romantic Zionism: Daniella Weiss, Zionist settler movement head, admits Gaza must be erased, all Palestinians removed, to improve the view.

Jimmy Choo@visitor1979:

How romantic.. erasing a nation so you can see the sea

Amir Attaran (@email hidden; JavaScript is required)@profamirattaran:

This war isn’t about hostages. It’s about murdering Palestinians to steal their land—they ADMIT it and Trudeau is all in. Listen:

Rabbi David Mivasair@Mivasair:

I speak Hebrew. The translation on this clip is accurate.
This woman is deeply pathological.

Ghassan@GhassanKDE Dec 20, 023:

“The settlers want to see the sea. That is a logical and romantic demand. Gaza must be erased so that settlers can see the sea. We must evacuate #Gaza of all Arabs and build Jewish settlements in all of Gaza” – Daniella Weiss, head of a Zi*onist settler movement #GazaGenocide

Refer also to:

Slaughterhouse Zionism: 75 years of bloodshed and feeding hate. Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss, Neturei Karta spokesman, talks to TRT World about Israel’s decades of sins and attacks on Palestine: “Zionism is the problem. … It was the Muslim countries that gave us a home.” UN Resolution 3379 (1975): “Zionism is a form of racism and racial discrimination.”

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