Resolution aims to compensate landowners

Resolution aims to compensate landowners by Dan Singleton, December 25, 2012, Mountain View Gazette
In an effort to get financial compensation for landowners impacted by oil and gas activities, Mountain View County councillors have passed a motion to have a provincewide resolution prepared on behalf of the municipality. During last week’s council meeting Coun. Al Kemmere put forward the following resolution: “That we develop a resolution for AAMD&C (Alberta Association of Municipal Districts and Counties) that identifies the need to expand the financial compensation for oil and gas exploration activities to include all landowners within the notification zone that are affected by the disturbance and that result from activities from oil and gas drilling and completion activities.” Speaking to his motion, Kemmere added: “These people are being negatively impacted and yet they are not part of the process. So we will keep it within the notification zone that is in place, but give them the opportunity in the future to be part of that process.” AAMD&C is the association representing municipalities across rural Alberta, including Mountain View County. Resolutions approved by the association’s membership are used to guide the association’s negotiations with other levels of government and other groups. Resolutions have to be submitted by Jan. 10, 2013 to be ready for the AAMD&C’s spring resolution process. Coun. Paddy Munro said: “Thank you for that (resolution). It is about time that this is being dealt with, and I think it is fantastic that Mountain View County is taking a leadership role in this.” All councillors voted for Kemmere’s motion. [Emphasis added]

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