Regulator Order Fraud? Was this AER’s plan all along? Bonavista Energy asking Alberta Court of Appeal to quash AER’s order that the company supply safe water to Sakens and their dairy herd after groundwater contaminated with sulfolane

Energy company fights order over chemically tainted Alberta dairy farm by The Canadian Press, December 16, 2015, Global News

An Alberta energy company is fighting an order to truck water to a family farm the company admits it has contaminated with chemicals from its gas plant.

Bonavista Energy is asking the Alberta Court of Appeal to overturn the ruling from the Alberta Energy Regulator.

The regulator ordered Bonavista to provide water to a dairy farm near Edson where ground water has been badly contaminated by a leaching solvent.

Bonavista acknowledges the chemical is from its plant. But it says it has done enough by drilling two new water wells on the farm, even though those wells produced water that was unfit for use.

A lawyer for the farm family calls Bonavista’s challenge of the order an attack on the regulator’s ability to use environmental legislation.


Travis Eklund

Unbelieveable. Bonavista Energy should be ashamed and I hope the courts award punitive damages.

Cornelia Bryant · Laurentian University

This sounds like Bonavista Energy is deliberately denying its responsibility for the damage done to the family farm.

Gene Bryant

Tens of thousands of acres of ranchland has been polluted and poisoned beyond repair in both N and S Dakota by energy companies. Original pioneer families have been robbed of their land and forced into bankruptcy.
Is Canada next…?

Diana Daunheimer

Mr. Bryant,
Already happening, you just don’t hear about it because the status quo here are settlements with gag orders.

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