Province comes clean on water

Province comes clean on water by Hanneke Brooymans, May 18, 2007, The Edmonton Journal
The provincial government has spent the last few years working feverishly to fix drinking water treatment plants that received poor marks following assessments in 2003 and 2004. … Despite the results, the Alberta government says drinking water from the facilities it regulates is safe. Until today, Albertans couldn’t know if the drinking water plant they relied on received poor marks, since individual assessments on the 534 plants were not publicly available. … The Edmonton Journal tried to obtain the reports more than 14 months ago under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, but was denied access on the grounds the reports would be “harmful to individual or public safety” and “harmful to intergovernmental relations.” … “I think the day when Big Brother looked after citizens by withholding information and expecting them to just trust governments and officials to do what was right for them is long gone,”

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