Pierre Poilievre thinks he can seduce Quebec with Steve Harper/IDU’s big bad common sense: Good thing Québécois are too wise to fall for those lies.

Godin cartoon, Le Devoir, June 22, 2024

IDU/Canadian Con Politician’s Common Sense:

Keep them poor

Keep them sick

Keep them stupid

Control the women

Oppose Minimum Wage increases/paid sick leave

Divide Unions

Oppose collective bargaining rights

Cripple public education (to keep them stupid)and health care (to keep them sick and to give Canada’s Public Health Care money to American Profit Raping Private Corporations – Harper’s wet dream) through cuts

Cut social services and programs (’cause cons hate the marginalized and poor, especially women and Indigenous)

Reduce CPP/EI contributions

Ignore Climate Change

Support matters of conscience legislation and rape religionsas a back door to control women’s bodily autonomy rights

Oppose pay equity

Lower corporate taxes

Oppose the $10/day child care program

Remove rent protection

And, legalize rape; criminalize MAID; criminalize the truth; criminalize Charter rights (except for them and theirs); criminalize same sex love and or marriage; etc.

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