Peace Country retired farmer, Wayne Smith, unhappy about Encana fracking operation 260 meters from his home

LISTEN: Retired farmer not happy about fracking operation 260 meters away from his house by CBC News, March 19, 2015

2015 03 19 Listen Encana wants to frac 260 metres from Smith farm in Peace Region, farmer not happy about govt withholding intrinsik health harm report

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2015 03 19 Map Smith farm in Peace Region, retired farmer not happy about fracing by Encana 260 metres from his home

A map showing the proposed fracking operation. The red rectangle is the wellpad, Smith’s house is circled.

A retired sheep farmer in B.C. ‘s Peace region says fracking activity is getting too close for comfort.

Encana is planning to drill for natural gas across the road from Wayne Smith’s property- just 260 meters upwind of his house.

This means the company will be injecting high pressure fluids into the bedrock that Smith’s property sits on.

“Who would wanna buy this place if we eventually ever decided to sell it when it’s up against the fence of an industrial area?” says Smith. “We’ve lived here for over thirty years and that isn’t why we moved here.”

Smith is also worried about light, noise and traffic related to the huge amount of water needed to frack for gas.

“There’d be trucks running back, big trucks running back and forward 24 hours a day and there are a lot of them. It takes a lot of fluid and a lot of sand to frack these wells.”

Smith met with Encana and has been told the company will resurvey the land and possibly move.

But, Smith says, anywhere they go on the property, will be too close.

Encana says it will continue to work with local residents to minimize its impact on them. [Emphasis added]

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