Parallel situations between Canada and Honduras: Father Melo and Phil Little compare Berta Cáceres with Jessica Ernst on radio program, América Libre.

This is an honour beyond my wildest imaginings! Thank you Father Melo, Phil Little and América Libre radio show in Honduras. I only wish Berta was still alive, and we were all enjoying lunch together at the Rosebud Inn.

Comment from Phil: Berta too would be flattered to be compared to you! You are warriors! Hugs and best wishes.

May 27, 2021

Greetings and hugs dear Jessica,

This evening I was with Melo in the 1hour radio program, América Libre

We talked about two situations – parallel situations between Honduras and Canada

I talked about the defenders in the old growth forests fighting the loggers and the government and the police and the courts. They will lose and the forests will be leveled with all haste to avoid more problems and the trees will be shipped out as quickly as possible to China for processing and then resale to us.

Before the program there was a special program about the women’s encampment outside of the Ministry of Justice in Tegusigalpa where the trial in its 26th day continues against a man David Castillo, a top official in the hydro electric project that Berta Cáceres opposed and he is considered to be one of the “intellectual authors” who planned the assassination and the next link is to who paid him and his associates some millions $ to kill her. The police and the justice department have done everything to destroy evidence but the pro-bono defense teams for the family have uncovered a huge amount of evidence including telephone conversations.

Anyways we did a comparison between you and Berta, she was assassinated and you have been assassinated in a different way – your livelihood, your reputation, your standing in the community, your farm and your water. The people in Canada have no reason to kill you off, they have every means and unlimited resources to beat you down and that is what they have done. They have not been able to silence you and it is obvious that there are some who will listen to you.

Melo said to say hello and he remembers very fondly his visit with you and he feels a strong bond with you.

At the end of the program he had this song played by a well known Nicaraguan singer, Salvador Cardenal, “Ama a la naturaleza”, to love nature.

I have looked for the words but can’t find them.

Salvador and his sister Catia sang as a duo, their music is beautiful and meaningful.. Salvador died young with cancer.

Hugs to you Jessica.

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One of the many comments to Nikiforuk’s article:

… You fought back, and they foisted on you a clear and present injustice. I hope it will go down in the annals of jurisprudence.

One woman standing in the middle of the road to stop the tanks. You were that woman. One Rosa Parks. One David up against not one but an army of Goliaths. Stand tall. Be proud. You are an inspiration.

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